10 fashionable hairstyles for women with small foreheads

Do you know what makes a facial shape ideal and versatile? According to celebrity hairdressers, narrow jawline and forehead make the perfect facial contour, which looks fantastic with most of the makeover styles. Yes, we are talking about fashionable hairstyles only.

The size of the forehead plays a vital role in choosing the bridal hairstyles for a would-be bride. Lucky are those ladies who are gifted with a picture-perfect facial shape. But what about them who have an unusual small forehead? Worry not! With a small forehead, ladies can go for some exclusive, easy, but unique hairstyles, which can finally complement their look concealing the forehead discrepancy. If you are a bit confused with your small forehead, these 10 bridal hairdos will offer you impeccable bridal hairdo solutions.

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Symmetrically shaped hairstyle 

When you have a small forehead, your face will look small. The fringe cut hair is found parted in the middle, and the front part swings over the forehead and makes a smart and cute bun. The style can adjust the face texture and creates an appealing, balanced look. Set your hair in a way so that the fringes fall on your forehead and you emancipate an elegant charm altogether.

Long Side-Swept Bangs

Want to make up the short length of your forehead? You can go for the long side-swept bangs, and you will be able to create a big forehead look. These bangs look excellent and carefree, and you can wear them for a longer duration as well. Keep these sidebands as long as they can touch your cheeks at one side of your face. The style is simple and easy, but it looks stunning for the bride, which means you.

Style bangs with a blow-dryer or straightener, apply serum to flatten and fight the frizz. The side-swept style will work with any hair length gaily.

Textured bangs will offer you a glam look

If a small forehead and round face combo is your problem for choosing a smart bridal hairdo, look no further than textured bangs. This bridal hairstyle will create a new look opposing the usual roundness of your face. Ask your hairdresser to adjust the bang a little above the eyebrow, and this textured style will add a longish look to your round face with a small forehead face. The result? You will get to meet the best beautiful bride in the mirror, without fail!

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Half-up hairstyle

It is an easy but stunning bridal hairdo that every bride aspires or dreams of. This style is appropriate for the ladies with the volume of hair and short forehead. The hair gets proportionally divided, and then the hairstylist uses the Boho twist. If your hair is wavy or curly, this is one of the best bridal hairstyles that beautiful brides with a small forehead can go at ease. The style is especially suitable for these small forehead beauties. The style will match the ladies with round, head, and square-shaped facial cuts.

Side bangs for small forehead

Side-swept bangs are well suited for people with long thin locks and a small forehead. Usually, long hair stays flat at the top portion of the head, and you tend to lose the volume by its sight. But then swept bangs adds fullness to hair volume. People with a short forehead may go for wavy and curly bangs to accentuate their forehead. Straight textures can’t manage the small forehead issue unless you have a long hair for a bridal hairdo. Side-swept goes well with all hair lengths, which is an added advantage.

Graduated Bangs Frame Your Face

The best part to manage the forehead is to add the illusion of length to your small forehead. Create soft bangs and let them frame your face naturally. As these are long blunt based bangs, they will add an impression of a larger forehead. Try to keep the edges soft, and your soft facial outline will be accentuated. There is an advantage of making these bangs wide: it gets blended to your hair and adds height to your face shape for a better effect.

Blunt bangs for small head

Small face with small forehead turns into bliss if you opt for blunt bangs. However, you may use the hairstyle for hiding your small forehead too. This bridal hairstyle has become popular worldwide. Mostly in Asian countries, blunt bangs are used, not only for its versatility, but at the same time, it is an age-defying bridal hairdo too, and that’s a definite advantage of your big day makeover.

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Soft Wispy Bangs that are long

Soft wispy bang is a savior. It is easy to create, and the bangs stay for long no matter you have long hair or short hair. When it is your marriage day, you must be looking for a wedding style that will not overwhelm your face as thick hair strands can anytime rush on your frame! Let these bangs smitten on your face with acute softness to add a charming feminine charm in your appearance. It will be a lovely makeup for you on your special day.

Long bob

A long bob is a carefree, fashionable hairstyle that is easy to manage and looks smart. Your hair should be off the face, and it should add a relaxed and natural look, which is precisely done by this hairdo. The hairstyle will add easy air on your face, and the total look will display a feminine enigma to radiate around. Add styling gel to keep the hair all set for the big day.

Front pulled back

The pulled-back style works magic for your lustrous course of the hair, and it can create an impact that looks like extending the forehead. It is easier to wear a smart ponytail incessantly as an all-time fashionable hairstyle; you can style your hair half-up and half-down, tease the crown and the comb, and simultaneously pin the front of your hair’s rear side.

These are the 10 best bridal hairstyles that you can use to balance your short forehead feature.

The bangs are the best solution indeed, but the trick is not to allow detail to focus on the area which you want to conceal subtly. Of course, there is no formula for creating a hairstyle to modify the look of the forehead you own. Still, here the styles are selected with a notion of creating some extra good look for you, and it will be done obviously for you with the bridal styles suggested here.