Better sleep – Can thcv gummies help those suffering from insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep, resulting in fatigue and impaired daytime function. While many turn to pharmaceuticals for relief, their side effects and addictive potential have prompted interest in natural alternatives like cannabis. One compound found in some cannabis strains that shows promise for treating insomnia is THCV. 

Like THC, THCV binds to cannabinoid receptors, but with some distinct differences. At low doses, THCV appears to act as a CB1 receptor antagonist, blocking THC’s intoxicating effects. But at higher doses, it becomes a CB1 agonist similar to THC. THCV also suppresses appetite, increases energy expenditure, and has anti-epileptic effects. While most strains only contain trace amounts, those bred to express higher THCV have unique therapeutic properties. Consuming THCV as a supplement, like in gummy form, is the best way to leverage its unique benefits.

How does thcv improve sleep?

Research on THCV’s sleep-promoting mechanisms is limited but promising. A 2021 study on mice found that a THCV-rich cannabis extract increased total sleep time, improved sleep quality, and increased time spent in restorative REM and deep sleep stages. THCV blocked CB1 receptors at low doses and acted as a CB1 agonist at higher doses. This dual action at CB1 receptors might underlie THCV’s sedative effects. At lower doses, it could counter anxiety and restlessness by blocking psychoactive effects. At higher doses, direct CB1 agonism induces relaxation and sleepiness like THC and other cannabinoids. Other research shows THCV reduces inflammation and exerts antioxidant effects, which could further bolster sleep by reducing pain and anxiety. For those struggling with insomnia due to conditions like PTSD, chronic pain, or anxiety disorders, thcv gummies provide relief for the underlying disorder itself.

What to look for in thcv gummies?

THCV gummies offer a convenient way to add THCV’s sleep benefits to your nightly routine. Here are some key features to look for when selecting a THCV sleep gummy:

  • Seek products with lab-verified THCV content, at least 2-5mg per gummy. This ensures accurate, sufficient dosing.
  • Look for full spectrum extracts, which include other cannabinoids like CBD to enhance effects. 
  • Additional sleep-boosting ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, and L-theanine amplify benefits.
  • Start with lower doses and increase gradually to find the optimal level of relief and avoid unwanted side effects.
  • Avoid gummies with added sugar, as sugar disrupts sleep. Stevia or monk fruit-sweetened gummies are better options.

Pros and cons of thcv gummies for sleep

THCV gummies offer insomnia relief with some advantages over other alternatives

  • They avoid adverse side effects of prescription sleep meds like addiction or impairment.
  • The edible format provides long-lasting, consistent dosing that helps stay asleep through the night. 
  • Additional ingredients like CBD, melatonin, and anti-inflammatory compounds boost sleep benefits.

Some downsides to consider include

  • Effects take over an hour to kick in, making timing doses challenging.
  • THCV’s appetite suppressing effects are counterproductive before bed.
  • Overly high THCV doses could backfire and cause restlessness or anxiety for some.

Starting low and recording effects helps optimize dosing to maximize benefits and avoid unwanted side effects. For most, THCV and THC gummies offer a safer, natural path to healthy, restorative sleep.