Calling Your Loved One Living Abroad: The Best Way to Stay Connected

It can be tough being away from your loved ones, especially if they are living in a different country. Thankfully, there are ways to stay connected that don’t involve expensive international calls or time-consuming video chats. You can now make cheap international calls. In this blog post, we will discuss the best way to call your loved one living abroad, the benefits of calling your loved one and staying connected!

Benefits of calling your loved one


  • Know about their well-being -You can hear their voice and know that they are okay.
  • Stay updated-You can stay updated on their life and what is going on with them
  • Enjoy a conversation -You can have a conversation and catch up, rather than just exchanging text messages or social media updates.
  • Make plans- You can make plans for the future, whether it’s for a visit or just to chat on the phone again.
  • Feel less homesick -Homesicknesses is a normal part of living abroad. Calling your loved ones can help you feel less homesick and more connected to home.

So those are some of the benefits of calling your loved one living abroad! Now, let’s discuss the best way to call them without breaking the bank.

Making cheap international calls

-There are a few ways to make cheap international calls.

  • Use VoIP -One way is to use a VoIP service. These services allow you to call your loved ones using an internet connection, so you don’t have to worry about expensive long-distance fees. VoIP tends to have very good call quality, so you can enjoy a clear conversation with your loved one. On the flip side, VoIP can be unreliable if your internet connection is not stable.
  • Calling card-Another way to make cheap international calls is to buy a calling card. You can buy calling cards online or at many general stores. They work by giving you a certain amount of minutes to use, so you can call your loved ones without worrying about the cost. You can make calls on landlines or mobile phones with a calling card. A drawback of using a calling card is that the quality of your call can be poor, and you may get disconnected if there are any problems with the connection.
  • Access number – You can use an access number to make international calls. This works by dialling a local access number, which then connects you to your loved one’s phone number overseas. The rates are usually very reasonable, and you can find access numbers online or in newspapers and magazines. You can use the access number on any phone, landline or mobile. The call quality is usually good, but you may be charged for the call if your phone plan doesn’t include free calls to local access numbers.
  • Instant messaging service – You can also use an instant messaging service to stay connected with your loved ones. This is a great option if you want to be able to talk and see each other. You can make video calls, so you can catch up face-to-face even though you’re far apart. The downside of using an instant messaging service is that it requires both you and your loved one to have a stable internet connection.


As you can see, there are many ways to stay connected with your loved one living abroad. Choose the option that works best for you, and enjoy staying in touch!