Cheap Cigarettes – What Are the Alternatives If I Want to Save Money on Smoking?

If you are a smoker or know someone who is then you must know what a burden having cheap cigarettes can be. If you are spending your hard-earned cash on those packs of cigarettes every day then you are in serious trouble. Most of us don’t realize just how much we spend on those packs of cigarettes and how addictive they are. There are ways you can stop smoking for good without having to buy those expensive packages of cigarettes.

First, if you want to stop then do not waste your time with those packages of cigarettes. You have already taken the first step to quitting by being aware of the damage that you are causing your body daily. When I say daily I mean in terms of how much you spend on those packs each day. Second, if you truly want to quit then use an actual product that will help you quit.

Cigars have been a part of our lives since the day we started smoking. They have served as our fix throughout our lives. If you go back a few generations you will find that the tobacco companies have always sold their products in “nickel” or “tar” form. Now it seems that the tobacco companies have realized that you don’t need those addictive substances anymore. Since this has been discovered they have started marketing their products in generic forms.

If you live in the West Virginia Beach area then you know that the state sales tax on cigarettes is over one hundred nine dollars a year. If you take just one pack of cigarettes and you purchase them at the average of twenty-five dollars a pack then you are spending three hundred dollars on those cigarettes alone. I

f you were to make up for the over one hundred percent tax on the cigarettes then you would still be spending three hundred dollars. This means that you would have spent nine hundred dollars on those cigarettes and still haven’t spent one penny on them since they were bought. That is not only an enormous waste of money but it is an enormous waste of tax money as well.

There is another option for you if you are a smoker who wants to quit cigarettes. You may already be aware of the fact that many herbal supplements are being marketed to help people quit their smoking habit. Herbal supplements have now become another option for you if you want to try and cut the cost of smoking cigarettes.

Herbal supplements help to combat the nicotine cravings that often come along with smoking. They also act as a mild diuretic and prevent your body from turning to the tar deposited in your pipes. This may seem like a strange way to fight your addictions but if you cannot quit the use of cigarettes then using a herbal supplement could be the next best alternative for you.