Difference between a vape mode and a pod kit

Do you want help navigating through the world of pod kit and vape mods? Whether you happen to be a veteran vaper or you are looking for ways to stop smoking and start to vape, the choice presented to you when using e-liquids, vaporizers and the numerous accessories that accompany them can at times seem to be somehow overwhelming. With the various devices which are made available, it is important to take a look at the difference that exist between mods and pods.

The important difference that is between mods and pods will mostly come down to a few factors such as power, size, e-liquid and affordability. But anyway, what are mods and pods?

What are mods?

Mod boxes or mod the way the name suggests, are modifiable devices which are box-like, using sub-ohm technology in giving vapers more vapor from more power. They are advanced devices which allow vapers to be in a position to modify the parts that are moveable of the vaporizers like wicks and coils, which then alter the resistance and mechanics of the power. By doing that, you can easily play with the temperature and power of your vaporizer, which then, can help in improving the vapor and flavor size of the cloud. 

A tank is utilized in storing the e-liquid of mods with most vapers preferring to mix their own e-liquid blend so that it suits their tastes. E-liquids are made from pharmaceutical freebase grade nicotine flavoring and also VG and/or PG. 

PG is well known to enhance flavor and the consistency that is thicker of the VG will be able to increase the vapor density which is produced, therefore, you will be able to play with the VG and PG ratio in finding the perfect vape that is unique for you. Being in a position of adjusting and the tailor settings of the box mods will enhance the flavor and the production of the cloud, making it the right device if you are keen on playing with your vaping experience. 

On the negative, mods affordability and size are what you have to look out for.  Because of the various parts that are moveable and the e-liquid choice, having to carry a box around is not necessarily quite easy to do. You will have to carry a case for the equipment and space to set up your device when and as you are keen on a vape.

What are vape pod kits?

Pods happen to be the fore as one of the best players when it comes to vaping devices. Slender, sleek stylish, and compact, the pods are known to be ideal for whoever is looking out for quality and a style for on the go. It is more powerful than the traditional e-cig or the vape pen and has less hassle than a mod, the pods utilize the same type of sub-ohm technology as a mod, creating vapor though with lesser temperature and power.