Formation Of Florida LLC

The Limited Liability Company business structure for private companies in the USA is decided by two aspects of the partnership and corporations. This particular structure combines the best of both types and is termed as LLC, an acronym for Limited Liability Company. As the name suggests, LLC enjoys the benefits of flexibility and protection against the flow-through over taxation. 

How to open llc in florida without going crazy:

  1. Name your LLC:

Decide on a name that “must” contain “limited liability” or ends with LLC. Another option is to abbreviate the limited to “ltd.” And company to “co.” Make sure to name your business with a unique name. You cannot have the same name registered by another entity in your state. Check for the name availability with the Florida Division of Corporation. 

  1. Hire an agent:

LLCs in Florida are required to be represented by a registered agent for legal purposes and proceedings. The agent should have a street address in Florida. The agent is required to accept the legal papers on behalf of the LCC. The agent could be an individual or a business firm.

  1. Article of Organization Filing:

An LLC formations Florida has to file papers for Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporation. This process will cost $125 and can be filed by owners online. These should include the following:

  • The mailing address of the LLC headquarters
  • Name, Address, and Signature of registered agent
  • LLC managers details
  • Date of filing LLC or the effective date
  • Authorized representatives signature
  1. Operational Agreement:

The document establishes the working process of the business entity. This document is not needed to form LLC in Florida but it is advocated by the experts. This agreement document can specify the rights and responsibilities of each member.

  1. Get your Employer Identification Number:

Get your EIN or Employer Identification Number by filling an online form on the IRS website without paying the fee.

  1. File your annual reports to get activated: 

All the LLCs in Florida are required to file their yearly annual-reports with the state office to keep the active status of operating. The fee for filing the report is $138.75 with a fine of $4oo levied for filing after the due date.


  • How to know if the name I want is available? It is necessary to have a name that no other business has. Conduct a name search for free on the Florida Division of Corporation.
  • What is the cost to form an LLC:

Though complicated, one can file themselves to get the cheapest option. Check online LLC services here

  • Do I need to get a business license from the state?

It depends on the location and type of the business.


LLC is a popular form of forming a business entity with minimal formalities and complexity. LLC in Florida is a sought after location because of the easier filing of papers. LLC has the advantage over corporation structure with its flexible rule and regulations. Often overlooked, but hiring a suitable agent can ease out the process of filing papers to form an LLC.

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