How to Feed a Dog Effectively

How should dogs feed?

It is recommendable that dogs should feed twice a day except for dogs with dietary needs and medical issues that require specialized feeding restrictions. The food portion given to dogs varies depending on their health condition, age, size, and breed. Large breed dogs feed on a large amount of food because they require more calories than small or medium-sized dogs.

Important Tips on Feeding

Sticking to one variety of food – Effective results on the change of dogs` food can only be realized if your vet recommends it. Therefore, ensure you do not add any supplements to the quality food of your dog. A balanced diet contains all the significant food nutrients required for good health and activity.

Avoid overfeeding – Food manufacturers recommend a certain amount of food to different dogs` sizes and breed accordingly. Not all dogs need to eat the indicated amounts to ensure they are not overfed. Check the dogs` stool; if it’s crinkly, dark brown, and firm it consumed the right amount. On the other hand, if the stool is firm and looks softer at last it is a sign of overfeeding.

Ensure your dog does not feed before traveling – A trip on a car with an overfed dog one hour before encourages car sickness.

Do not disturb the dog while it’s feeding on its bowl – Dogs develop aggressive behaviors when a person tries to or takes away its bowl while feeding. Dogs can only be comfortable with the owner approaching it during meal times if adding little food; it views them as an asset but not a threat.

Your dogs `water should always be filled and available to your dog

Provide a raised bowl for medium to large breeds – Introducing an elevated dog bowl prevents the dog from swallowing air while feeding that causes bloat. Bloating is a life-threatening condition, and your vet or breeder should provide precautionary measures to cure the illness.

Avoid changing your dogs` diet abruptly – A change in diet should be gradual throughout seven to ten unless your veterinarian advises otherwise.

Do not feed your dog from your plate or table – Doing this will encourage attention-seeking and drooling behaviors such as barking and begging.

Training your Dog to Feed On His Bowl

There is no greater joy than watching your pet enjoying its favorite meals clearing all the contents in the dish. Training a dog to eat can be challenging because you want him to learn all the basics and take meals on a given routine. It provides you an opportunity to use a basic command such as `come` `stay` or `sit` to reduce the risks of hurting yourself while preparing to eat. Successful training involves a hungry dog who starves to have his meal. Put his favorite food on your selected plastic or metal dog food bowl and place it at an ideal feeding station. Take your time and repeat the same routine every day until he is conversant with the new routine. Always praise him when he does things correctly by patting and rubbing him to build his confidence.

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