How to Measure the Perfect Height for Your Furniture Legs

If you’re looking for a way to add style and personality to your furniture pieces, custom furniture legs can be the perfect solution. Not only do they give your furniture an eye-catching look, but they also provide support and stability. But instead of buying custom furniture legs from a store, why not get creative and make them yourself? Here are some great ideas for DIY Furniture legs that you can easily create at home. 

Recycled Wood Pallets 

Reusing old wood pallets is one of the most popular ways to create custom furniture legs. Wood pallets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits the size of your piece of furniture. To make the perfect leg, cut a piece of wood from the center of the pallet and then sand it down until it’s smooth. You can even paint or stain it to match the color scheme of your room. 

PVC Pipes 

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and industrial, PVC pipes are a great choice for creating your own DIY furniture legs. Cut four pieces at whatever height you need, then use metal connectors to attach them together in a square shape. Make sure to use PVC glue around all connections to ensure strength and stability. Finally, attach this squared frame to the bottom of your piece of furniture with screws or bolts. 

Metal Rods 

For an even more modern look, try using thin metal rods as your furniture legs. This look works best for small tables because it allows light to pass through between the legs and makes the table appear lighter. You’ll need four metal rods that are cut slightly longer than needed so they can fit into drilled holes on each corner of the table top securely. To finish off this look, spray paint them with a color that matches your other decor elements in the room. 

Go Bold with Color

Looking for something bolder? Consider adding colorful pops of color to your DIY furniture through colorful legs! This option works great if you’re already working with neutral colors on the rest of the piece, as it allows you to add some personality without being too overwhelming. If you want something even bolder, why not try an ombre effect? You can have each leg start at one color and gradually transition into another – it’s sure to be eye-catching! 


Creating custom DIY furniture legs is an easy way to add personality and character to any piece of furniture in your home. Whether you want something rustic or modern, there are plenty of creative ideas out there that will help bring life into any space! With recycled wood pallets, PVC pipes, or metal rods as inspiration – get creative with materials around you! Not only will these projects help save money but they also provide endless opportunities for personalization! Give it a try today!