Is Spray Foam Insulation Right For Your Home?

Spray foam insulation was initially available to consumers in the mid 1986 and it has continued to be a sought after product ever since. This product has many benefits over traditional types of insulation such as fiberglass, cellulose and batt insulation. Most new building projects now use this material due to its energy efficiency and comfort benefits.

Many consumers are concerned about saving money and saving the planet but these two issues can be addressed. With the use of spray foam insulation dallas, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their heating bills and they can do so by reducing the amount of money that ends up being spent on utilities each month. Not only that, but homeowners may find that they are able to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. All of this adds up to helping to make the earth a better place for future generations.

There are several different types of spray foam insulation products. Each type has different physical properties and the way they work. There is some evidence to suggest that some varieties of this material may even have positive environmental effects. The way that this material works means that it does reduce the amount of thermal conductivity and that it may even trap heat.

For homeowners, saving on utilities costs is important but they also want to find a way to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the walls of a home are properly sealed. In fact, some builders and contractors include spray foam insulation materials as a standard component in new homes. When this seal is created with an interlocking system or a key seal system, this allows for the spray foam to seal tightly against the walls.

Other benefits of spray foam insulation include saving money on air conditioning. This type of insulation works well in keeping heat inside a house rather than letting it escape and bringing the temperature down into the 20s. Improved air conditioning means that the air inside the house stays cooler longer and the homeowners will save money by using less energy to cool off their homes. In addition, by keeping the walls of a house sealed, they can help to keep allergens and irritants out. The less moisture that gets inside, the less likely you are to be exposed to allergies and health problems.

Some people are concerned about the installation process for spray foam insulation. Although it is true that it can be more difficult to install than other forms of insulation, it is possible to have it installed in less time. If you hire someone who has done this sort of work before, then you should have no problem getting it done in a timely manner. If you choose to DIY though, there are many ways that you can learn how to make the sealant application easier and faster. A spray foam contractor can often show you how to do it and then show you exactly how to install the insulation after they are finished.