Is WordPress dying?

WordPress is not dying; the reason this assumption is made is because there has been an increase in a variety of CMS systems in recent years. If you are running a business, and want an answer to the question — WordPress vs Ghost — remember that there are a few criteria that need to be considered.

There are over 10 CMS alternatives to WordPress. Yet the question is: are they better than WordPress itself, and is WordPress losing market share to these competitors? The short answer to this question is No, and that WordPress is a long way from being dead, and it is actually at present the market leader in this CMS space.

As you can see from the diagram above that there are a great many examples when it comes to a CMS. However, it makes sense to state that in terms of a competitor, Ghost is certainly an option that needs to be mentioned. The CMS industry has different users: some are just recreational bloggers; others are into business startups, while there are those who require an ecommerce facility.  There are a great many reasons as to why WordPress is a leader in the CMS game.

Wix is known to have more flexible designs while WordPress is a tried and tested CMS that can get a lot done in the long run. One huge advantage that WordPress does have is that it has the most amount of plugins on offer like an intuitive and forward-thinking comments system. The consensus is that WordPress is the market leader with 61.8% of the CMS market share and there are statistics that are not disputed.  All things considered, it could safely be stated that WordPress is not dying since it is the most comprehensive CMS out there with a great degree of features present and online support being promised.