Mens Cargo Pants: A New Design

Men cargo pants also known as cargo trousers or combat trousers are flexible sliced pants that are designed with the motive of commending and executing tough outdoor activities. Their designs are prominent and centrally well known for possessing one or two pockets that came to be called cargo pockets. They were originally used for military intention but were soon taken up by the fashion industry as a new, trendy design and welcomed with enthusiasm by the public or style fanatics. The main reason behind this successful endeavor was that these pants were effective and proved beneficial for carrying corporeal while day foot excursion.


Men’s cargo pants have an inherent layout given by the witty designers that they contain patch pockets that are called cargo pockets in the fashion jargon. These pockets have a remarkable feature of carrying accordion folds that helps in increasing the carrying capacity of the trousers. They are usually closed by a flap protected and insulated by a button, magnet, snap, or Velcro. Pocket styles like these are way common in hunting or battle dress clothing. However, in some of the layouts, these cargo pockets are isolated within the pants.

These pants are the result of rigorous stitching of hard-wearing material done throughout ruggedly. The hard-wearing fabric is a quick-drying synthetic or other times a blend of cotton and synthetic. Another remarkable feature or characteristic of these pants is they include oversized belt loops to adapt wide webbing straps through the waist. 

Furthermore, they also clench another terrific facet which allows the wearer to bend at knees and hips easily. For strength and durability, they are sewn with felled seams.  


Military fatigue or combat dress were first inaugurated by the British forces in 1938 and soon came into existence during World War II around the 1940s in the United States of America.  

The concept of large pockets was taken into consideration by the designers of that time in order to facilitate the British forces in keeping up the crucial and significant things such as field maps, dressing, and much other stuff.  

This notion was duplicated and traced into American paratrooper or a military parachutist’s uniform to give more room to their daily combat food rations and extra vital weapons.


Cargo Shorts

A knee-length version of mens cargo pants is what a layman can understand as cargo shorts. The interesting feature of this variant is that some of the pants possess a removable factor converting the pants into shorts real fast. 

These were in the picture for a very long time. However, their purposes and marketing tactics changed over time. In the 1980s they were marketed as a standard suit for fishermen and sportsmen because of the pocket flaps which allow greater storage of important equipment without making the wearer uncomfortable. By the late 1990s, they made their place into mainstream men’s fashion. In 2012 designers understood the practicality of the clothing and this enabled it to consume a major piece in the men’s fashion market trends.

EMT Pants

This variant is a very interesting piece formulated. It has six-way scissors pockets on both sides, sometimes just on a single side as well with a hidden zippered pocket on top of those scissor pockets. They also contain a bellowed flap pockets which enhance the capacity to hold objects along with besom pockets on calves especially for glove storage and three spaces of holes for scissors.