Mythology Says Ancient Greeks Used family crests During War

It is said that the ancient Greeks employed crests and emblems as a means of identifying themselves in the heat of combat. This custom eventually evolved into what we know today, which is individuals wearing crests or coats of arms to identify their families or clans (also known as “family ties”). During conflicts, coats of arms were often inscribed on shields to differentiate one soldier from another. However, these heraldic symbols might also be utilized as ornamental elements on items such as apparel, banners, and armor. Even in this day and age, a great number of individuals continue to prefer to exhibit their family crest at their homes or places of business as a symbol of pride in their lineage.

This Led To Family Or Clan Crests Or Coats Of Arms

The symbols, motifs, or devices that are used by members of a family or clan are referred to as the “family crest,” which is an umbrella phrase. In times past, it served as a symbol of authority, power, and allegiance to its owner. In modern times, it has come to signify a person’s legacy, culture, and the pride they have in their lineage. This has given it a more symbolic significance.

A crest is a design that, like any other, indicates something special about the history of a family or the individual members of that family. In this instance, however, rather than being tattooed into a person’s flesh, the symbol is typically portrayed on flags or banners. The design may be anything from a photo to words written in a script-type font that say something like “I’m glad to be half Irish.” The design is completely customizable.

Crests And Arms

Crests and arms is a website that specialises in researching and recreating family crests for people. The concept of a family crest has been around for a considerable amount of time. It is said that the ancient Greeks employed crests and emblems as a means of identifying themselves in the heat of combat. There are a wide variety of crests and coats of arms that may be designed in the modern world.

Each one is differentiated by the history and tradition of the family that bears it. Crests may take the form of animals, birds, plants, or even human beings such as kings and queens. There are many various types of crests to choose from. Crests and arms is a website that offers specialist expert family crest  services.  By researching ancient armoury records, their researchers will find the original crest reference for your name and recreate it with the exact symbols and design as was originally documented in ancient times.


In conclusion, a sign that depicts your family’s history may be found in the form of a family crest or coat of arms. When finding your crest or coat of arms, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the significance of each symbol so that you can ensure you get the correct one for your family name.