Simple Ways to Find Windows 11 Keys

If you want to locate the product keys for your Windows 11, it is possible to easily do that if you know the technical details involved. If you have invested in a cheap Windows 11 key, locating the keys will not be a problem with the following tips.

It will be of interest to note that the physical location of the keys under preview is on a sticker that is difficult to reach in spots on the PC. With a few commands that we shall be discussing shortly, locating the product key will not be a problem again. This article will update you on how to locate the keys with ease.

What you are about to read is ideal for Windows 11 computers that run on the OS. What you are about to read might not work for product keys for enterprise PCs. They are distributed differently and might not be revealed with this method.

The Registry File in Windows 11

It is important to know where the Windows 11 product key is stored. It is located in the Windows Registry file. You will easily find the product key there if you go to the right place. When you open the Windows 11 search tool, type in the word “regedit.” You will see the Registry Editor application icon; you can now click on the “Run As Administrator” link. Navigation here will be made possible when you make use of the left-hand windowpane in the editor.

As you can see in Figure C, the BackupProductKeyDefault key will reveal a valid Windows 11 product key. (Note, this key may be different than the key revealed by the command prompt or PowerShell.)

Exiting when you are true

It should not be difficult to find a low-cost Windows 11 Product Key.You can get this through third-party vendors. You must make sure that you place your order through recognized retail stores that deliver original models that will help smoothen the process of exchanging the keys.

Windows 11 Command Prompt

If you want a direct method of finding the product key under review, then you can trust the direct method command line. Go ahead and open the cheap Windows 11 key and type in the word “command.” Go ahead and click on the “Run As Administrator” link. This will take you to the command prompt link.

Alternatively, you can type or paste the command on the prompt and go ahead and click on the prompt and then the Enter key. The command will reveal your original Windows keys on your screen.

PowerShell in Windows 10

It is also possible to use PowerShell if you want to locate the product key. The process is very similar to the one described above. There is, however, a difference in the command that will be adopted. Go ahead and open the search tool in the window and type in the word “powershell.”

Scroll down to the PowerShell menu and then click on the “Run As Administrator” link. You can now paste or type in the required command prompt. The original product key will be displayed on your screen.