The Benefits and Risks of Wearing Ear Gauges

For many people, ear gauges are a way to express their unique style. Whether you’re looking for just a few subtle piercings or you want to go all out with multiple gauge sizes, it’s important to know how to choose the right size and style of ear gauges. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect pair of gauges that suits your style.

Choosing the Size of Your Ear Gauges

The most important thing when choosing your ear gauges is finding the right size for your ears. The size of your ear lobe will determine what size gauge you should get. Most people start with smaller sizes like 16G and 14G and then work their way up from there as their lobes stretch over time. As a general rule, if you’re new to wearing ear gauges, it’s best to start with a smaller size and then gradually increase in size as needed. This will help ensure that you don’t stretch too quickly and risk damaging your ears or causing infection.

The first step to choosing the right size and style of ear gauges is figuring out what size gauge you need. The size of an ear gauge is measured by its diameter, which is typically listed in millimeters (mm). Generally speaking, if you’re just getting started with stretching your ears, it’s best to start small—around 18 or 20 mm—and gradually increase over time as your ears become accustomed to the stretching process. However, some people may be able to jump straight into larger sizes depending on their individual comfort level. It’s important to remember that each person is different and there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to stretching ears.

Caring For Your Ear Gauges

It’s also important not to forget about aftercare when selecting ear gauges for your ears! After getting pierced, make sure that you keep your piercing clean by washing with an anti-bacterial soap twice daily and applying an antibiotic cream if necessary (especially if any redness appears). It is also important not to touch or play with your piercing too much as this can cause irritation or infection so be sure to wash your hands before touching them! Additionally, never take out freshly pierced jewelry until they have healed completely otherwise they may close up again!

Conclusion: With these tips in mind, finding the perfect pair of ear gauges will be easy! Just remember to choose the right size for your ears based on their current shape and thickness; once stretched enough they can easily accommodate larger sizes over time if desired. Then pick out a style that speaks best to you – whether it’s something subtle like studs or something bolder like plugs – find something that reflects who you are! Finally remember proper aftercare practices are essential when caring for newly pierced ears; keep them clean both inside and outside as well as avoiding playing with them too much so that they stay healthy during healing process! With these tips in mind finding the perfect pair of ear gauges should be easy – now go out there and rock those lobes!