The Most Exciting Gift ideas for Christian man

12 Great Gift Ideas for Christian Men - Foundational

Shopping for men is a mammoth task. Their odd materialistic taste combines with their ability to survive on the bare minimum, makes it challenging for women every time birthdays or anniversaries are on the calendar. However, women shouldn’t take their men’s general indifference to gifts for granted. They, too, want to feel appreciated, and what better way to please a Christian man than giving him Christian gifts? It’s hard for men to stay close to their faith when all that surrounds them in the real world is deceit and materialistic challenges. So, treat the next chance you get to gift your man as an opportunity sent by the Lord to get him closer to his faith. From devotional jewelry pieces to wall decor – here are some Christian gift ideas that’ll definitely make his day.

New Bible and Bible-Related Accessories

The best thing about reading the Bible is that it never gets old or tiring. The book’s filled with limitless nuggets of knowledge. However, most Bibles have a materialistic expiration date as they become unreadable after a decade of use. Why not gift your man a brand-new edition of the Bible? The idea may not seem appealing to the people who haven’t checked out the latest editions of the Bible. You can get a hardcover copy of the Bible that’s full of interesting illustrations. Such a book will boost your man’s devotion and willingness to learn. In case his Bible doesn’t need replacement, get a Bible Case or Cover to make his reading experience even better!


There’s plenty of Christian-themed clothes and jewelry pieces in the market. The surge in demand for Christian gifts for men at Nano Jewelry online shop proves that there’s still a great demand for Christian-themed jewelry pieces. Be it a crucifix made of gold or a Star of David pendant made from Ruby – Christian-themed wearables always put a smile on the faces of men. These classy wearables come in all shapes and sizes. If you choose Nano jewelry, you can also get finely-detailed jewelry pieces engraved with your man’s favorite Bible passages. Ask him to use a magnifying glass and see the engravings after giving him the gift. If he doesn’t know about Nano jewelry, the look on his astonished face will be priceless!

Devotional Packages

Lastly, you can sign up for monthly or weekly Christian devotional packages. These special gift boxes will keep your man’s spiritual growth in check throughout the year. These boxes typically contain Prayer Journals, books, Christian-themed utility items, and other items. Thankfully, women get a ton of customization options while shopping for these boxes.