Traits of a Reliable Building Inspector

Most of us get so excited about moving into a new home and forget that that home will be forming part of our daily living. We are living in a day and age where people are allowed to do anything as much as it brings them paces. People are not limited on where to live and they may do whatever they wish to the structure of the house.

Moving to a new home would mean a new life. However, there is a need to have your new home inspected. You may come to realize some unnoticed safety hazards that could have affected you, had you moved in without checking.

Well, building inspections are not so much of a pain. Getting a building inspector Adelaide is the main problem. You may search both online and physically and yet not find one who fully satisfies your needs. Well, they may not be exactly who you want, but in a way, they may be reliable. 

So what are the traits of a reliable building inspector?

Good communication skills

You will need to communicate with the inspector about the building’s stability and the possibility of you moving in there. The inspector ought to have both good communication and listening skills. He should listen to you when you need to make inquiries or have matters clarified. Where you need to communicate online, ensure there are at least more than one means of communication through which you could reach them. The inspector is required to give you a well-written and detailed report on the outcome of the inspections. This should be of good quality as it may be necessary for the future.

Good technical skills

A reliable building inspector knows and understands what he is required to do., They should be trained in their field and at least have other related skills like construction. This way, they will be in a position to identify some minor problems and also offer a solution to them. 


Every good inspector can be trusted. Are you afraid that the inspector may be a spy? Can he provide evidence of former work experience? Well, these are necessary.

To build trust in the inspector, you need to be assured of your safety. The possibility that the inspector is not a thief in disguise. They need to be licensed by relevant authorities for them to carry out their duties. Their reputation should also be positive. Be sure to check with friends and also search for evidence online, possibly from their web page.

Critical thinking

Not every problem needs academic skills, knowledge, or former experience to solve. At times, life skills are necessary, and these include critical thinking. In case you encounter an unfamiliar problem, the inspector should be in a position to craft a solution that works.


It takes a tone of effort to gain the trust of a stranger and rely on their services. When it comes to a house inspection, it is unsafe to hire just anyone and trust them with your home. That is why the article above outlines some traits that you need to look for when hiring a reliable building inspector.