Type of Cooling Unit Needed for Wine Cellar

The first thing that you should install in the Wine Cellar [ห้อง เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term in Thai] of your house is the cooling unit. You should think not to install the cooling unit of your cellar for saving few dollars but for the sake of the wine you will stack in, it is very important to install the cooling unit in the wine cellar. A cooling unit shall last up to 15 years if installed in the proper manner. A proper type of cooling unit can save your wine cellar for years after years. An improper cooling unit can affect your wine cellar and can damage it as quickly as five years.

Split System Cooling unit

The split system cooling unit helps to cool the cellar from all the sides. The installation of the split system cooling unit is also very easy.  The condenser of these units make a lot of noise, but the condenser of these units can be kept at a distance where the noise won’t matter. Hence the split system cooling unit can be great for your wine cellar. Your wine collection won’t get damaged and at the same time, the cellar will get good amount of cooling effect. This won’t let the cellar as well as the wine to get damaged. These keep the wine good for years after years. Chilled wine tastes better as well.

Fully Ducted Cooling Unit

The fully ducted cooling units at storage service [รับฝากของ, which means in thai] of wine cellars are really useful . They are available as both self-contained as well as split system. Fully ducted cooling units are easy to install and are very convenient. These cooling units can be placed up to twenty-five feet away of the cellar. These cooling units are capable of cooling the wine cellar thoroughly even from a distance of twenty-five feet. They make minimal noise and provide a good service. As this unit can be kept away, it cannot be easily seen and thus doesn’t allow any visual disruption. Installing these kinds of cooling units will save your cellar.