What should you know about the primary types of cannabis plants?

A weed delivery Vancouver company could deliver you a product made of any of these primary species of cannabis. 

Cannabis Indica – Indica plants are the most popular varieties of the cannabis species and these plants had grown in the mountains of Afghanistan. However, you can find these plants in various countries like India, Pakistan, and Turkey also. The long-lasting summer and the dry mountain slopes have been the perfect place for these plants to grow. You can find these plants as shorter and bushy stems with broader leaves. If you look at the constituents of the plant, you could find CBD on the dominant side. So, there will be various health benefits of the consumption of CBD-rich plants. However, you will also get a bit of cerebral high due to the presence of a lower proportion of THC. CBD and THC will be present in considerable amounts while the former will be slightly dominant. You can get better results of consumption if it is done in the nighttime. Some of the benefits of consuming indica plants would be the reduction in nausea and body relaxation and relief from severe body aches. 

Cannabis sativa – Sativa plants are known for their increased THC content. As THC is responsible for mental relaxation and mood alterations, most people would love to consume THC-rich plants and the sativa plants are the best in that kind. However, you should beware of the head high you may get upon consumption of these plants. These plants have their origin in Mexico and the African plains and you can find them in the regions of the central world in recent days. Some of the notable benefits of consuming sativa plants would be mental relaxation, reduction in stress and anxiety, reduced depression, and many more. Interestingly, these plants would help in the activation of the cerebrum and you will feel energetic and motivated for a long time. Some people have experienced better focus in whatever actions they involve in after consuming sativa plants. So, you can consume it whenever you are about to do something important that requires too much focus and concentration. You can consume these plants in your days than nights for better results. 

Hybrid – Hybrid strains are manmade strains of the cannabis plants that would involve the mixing of two or more cannabis species. For instance, if a grower mixes a sativa-dominant plant with an indica-dominant plant, he would get a hybrid strain with both the characteristics of the parental species. For instance, if a THC-rich plant gets mixed with a CBD-rich plant, the hybrid variety will give you the head high along with physical relaxation and other health benefits of CBD at once. There are various hybrid plants out there according to the requirements of the grower. One can produce a new hybrid strain by altering one element of the parental species. There would be several growers of these hybrid strains across the world and they would grow them in farmhouses and greenhouses. 4