Why Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds are Better Option for Marijuana Growers 

Weed is a plant that is usually grown both indoors and outdoors by people. The plant has a long history with evidence showing that it has been planted in China for more than four thousand years ago.  It is used for both medical and recreational purposes. With more studies showing that cannabis has health benefits, government in different countries have now started legalizing it.  There are predictions that the growth of marijuana will continue to grow with more and more people making it part of their lives. The flowers of the plant are the most sort out because they are associated with cannabinoids that most people search. 

There are different varieties of seeds that have been introduced in the market for growers. Some of them are modified by breeding different plants. Feminized seeds are becoming more popular among many growers in the modern times because of the many benefits they offer. Here are some of the advantages you get from the granddaddy purple feminized seeds you would get from ILGM

They offer guaranteed results 

One of the greatest advantages of feminized seeds sold at ILGM is that they are a guarantee depending on the method that is used by your supplier. One of the things to note is that there is no plant that is either male or female. However, it is also worth noting that excess stress on the plants can have an influence on the yields that you get from these seeds. Other factors that can affect the results you will get include unreliable lighting, bad nutrients and over pruning.  Regardless of these factors, using feminized seeds is a sure way to enjoy high yields, get high value from these seeds, save work, earn more money and clone freely. They also give you a better opportunity to smoke more weed if this is the reason you have planted them. 

The fact that there are no males requires to be given more emphasis.  You will save a lot of space in your farm since you do not have to plant the male plants. It is also worth noting that male plants damage a crop if they are not detected within the right time. If you have plant restrictions and limited space, using feminized seeds will give you high yields. 

Required to work less with your plants 

Those who are opposed to the use of feminized seeds say that sexing the plants is simple. They also allege that use of the non-feminized seeds allow for the selection of the best marijuana plants. The unfortunate thing is that it is hard to plant a hundred plants and them remove half of them after you check the their sex by inducing flowering in all of them even if you are growing them for commercial purposes. This is a process that hinders effective growth of the plants. In the long end the plants end up producing less bud. 

Feminized seeds provided at ILGM provide almost 100 percent guarantee that each of the plant you have in your outdoor or indoor garden will yield high amount of bud if they are grown in the right way. What this means is that your garden will produce more if they operate below the restricted plant count. The fact that you do not have to keep on looking for those forming male pollen helps save you a lot of time you can use to do other important tasks in your home or garden. Note that missing a single male plant in the process can cause fertilization of all the female plants. This is why feminized seeds are a great option to prevent all such issues. 

Do not over prune during high stress training

At times, as you prune an otherwise female marijuana crop into a bush, it becomes a male. This plant that might have been looking great and was about to produce a giant bud end up producing small balls of pollen. By using feminized seeds, you will reduce this risk and allow you enjoy great yields. 

Breed and clone with more control

When you have feminized plants sold at ILGM, you got more freedom to create clones since there are high chances that there is high likelihood that you will have a female plant. Generally male plants usually grow more rigorous fast and may be the natural choice to do the cloning, by they require sexing first. This first inclination is to trim the best early crops, but in case this is a male plant it means that the growth is slowed down and the entire crop is endangered whether it is small or big. 

The other great benefit of feminized seeds is the ability to control the breeding of the crop. By using these seeds, you have a guarantee that you will get what you ordered instead of relying on what your provider offers. Use of the feminized seeds makes more sense and it is easy to do the breeding in case a grower wants to get the male seeds too. With the feminized seeds, you have more control of the entire process. 

Made marijuana growing more reliable

The use of the feminized seeds has brought positive changes in the industry by making the process of growing marijuana highly reliable. It gives growers an assurance of knowing what they should expect from their farms and what they will sell. This has led to more legitimacy in the marijuana industry. 

Improved genetics

Most of the marijuana strains you find in the market as feminized seeds have all their genetics controlled carefully to bring out the exact properties of each of these strains.  This gives customers a lot of options when it comes to flavors, cannabinoids and aromas. The seeds also open up for the potentiality of the crops by improving its genetic diversity. The plants will be more aromatic, productive, attractive and powerful. 

Feminized seeds sold at ILGM also give you an assurance that the crop you are growing performs well in whichever condition you have planted them.