5 Quick Tips For A Better Wall Art Experience

The walls of our home are a mirror of our personality. The way we paint them, decorate them defines a lot about who we are. But, one needs to use the right approach, tips and tricks, to embellish the walls in a way that truly defines your persona and also looks elegant at the same time. Wall art is not that complicated, as perceived by many. Apply these five easy tips that will simplify this task in no time. Let’s get started!

  • Start with the favourite piece: Getting a sense of how the whole space will be covered with wall art is easy if one starts with their favourite piece as the centrepiece of the room. Start with that piece and build out from there. With scales and proportions in mind, you can craft out which wall art should gain attention first. Try Marilyn Framed Art Print by Patrice Murciano as the wall art to get an idea of the wall art in the whole space.
  • More money, more beauty isn’t the rule: The bigger the wall decor, the better it serves the wall. But at the same time, the bigger the size, the costlier it is. Small frame prints cost less money and one can buy a variety of theme-based small frame prints. Align them in a way that suits the wall and you will still save money. One can buy framed art prints by Daniel Malta such as A doll, Cardboard Girl, and Lady Butterfly. Buy different frames of different sizes to give the wall a volume.
  • Bedroom wall decor made easy: The bedroom is the place that relaxes you and calms all the nerves. Wall art that matches the same features is the best addition to a bedroom. The best area to place a big soothing picture is either the wall opposite of the bed or on the space right above the bed. Natural landscapes are the best bet for a Bedroom. One can choose BezDiaprose Photography Framed Wall Art Prints such as Balance, Beacon and Luna to make the bedroom more comfortable.
  • Select wall art by colour: A bright, funky painting may not suit a wall with deep, calming hues. That’s why, the golden rule to any pick of decor is, to pick art that is the same as the wall colour. Your wall colour is the clue of the painting/ canvas art that will complement the wall. For example, if a living room has green shades of furniture, one can add Bordighera by Claude Monet in the room because it too has similar green shades.
  • Maintain the space: Aiming for a wall art gallery? Or simply want an alignment of some canvas paintings on the centre of the wall? Make sure you keep an equal gap between the two frames. A 3-6 inches gap between two different canvases will further make a neat look. One can pick an extra-large painting and align smaller frame photography items near it or pick all small size frames and align the way it feels right. First drawing the vision on a paper and then aligning it the way would help.