Baccarat History and everything in between

Casino games such as craps, blackjack, and roulette have origins that are debatable because they have been in the market for quite a while. บาคาร่า is no different when it comes to that regard as it happens to be an old game too.

The origins of Baccarat can be traced to Italy in the 13th century and 14 century. The theory is supported by how Baccarat translates to be zeroed in Italy. The billing of zero tends to relate to how the face cards and the 10 happen to zero value. It was a different baccarat game as compared to what is available now. The cards were expensive and handcrafted.

Another origin of a baccarat game involves the 1400s in France. It is a theory that is supported by records showing nobleman of French playing a variation of baccarat game. Later on, King Louis XIV banned Baccarat and other card games in France in the late 17th century. It helped create the French underground version, currently known as the Chemmy, aka chemin de fer.

The Hoyle’s official card rules did offer a description of the Baccarat as it was currently known in the 19th century. It is in the same century that the game started appearing in more French and Italian casinos. In the 1950s, that is when Baccarat was introduced in Las Vegas as Chemin de fer. It became a high roller game because of the complex rules, players having to act as bankers, and three dealers required.

Its high stakes are what prevented the low rollers from having to enjoy the game. It is what kept Baccarat from having to achieve the popularity that roulette and blackjack received. But the casinos have since remedied the situation with the introduction of the mini-baccarat, also referred to as punto banco.

The dealer is the one who controls the action, while the players only need to worry about how to make their bets. The low stakes are what have allowed more people to start enjoying the game. With the advent of Baccarat online, it has made the game to become more popular.  It is possible to play on the Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone with as little as a dollar per hand.

James bond and Baccarat

In 2006 Casino Royale, which was the last flick of James Bond, revolved around gambling. The film features Texas Hold’em to reflect a poker boom that was happening at that particular time.  But James Bond has been known historically to like chemin de fer more than any other casino games.

The Casino Royale’s televised adaptation featured Bond trying to bankrupt Le Chiffre for his soviet bosses to eliminate him. In the James Bond film, Dr. No is when Baccarat is first introduced in the movie. It is a 1967 movie showing Sean Connery playing the chemin de fer with Sylvia Trench.

After Trench losses a hand to Bond, she suggests that they need to raise their stakes. Trench then goes ahead and draws an 8, with Bond having to beat her again because he draws a 9. There are several other movies in which Baccarat appeared in.