Best Places to Watch Formula 1 Races Online

Formula 1 is one of the most thrilling, adrenaline-fueled sports in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite drivers compete for first place. While cable TV can be an option to access F1, cord-cutting and streaming services have become increasingly popular as an option for catching all the racing action. If you’re a racing fan who wants to know your options for live F1 streaming, look no further than this ultimate guide to F1 streams.

1. F1 TV Pro

If you’re a hardcore Formula 1 fan, F1 TV Pro is the ultimate package for you. With the “Pro” version, you can watch every session, including all practice sessions, qualifying, and the race itself – all year round. No ads, no interruptions, just non-stop Formula 1 action. The annual subscription price is €64.99/$79.99, with monthly options as well. F1 TV Pro is available in select countries, so make sure you check whether it’s available in your region.

2. Kayo Sports

In Australia, Kayo Sports is the best option for F1 fans. The sports streaming service provides access to all F1 coverage, including pre-race build-up, practice, qualifying sessions, the main race, and post-race reactions, with commentary and analysis from the Sky Sports F1 team. The basic subscription price is AUD $25/month or AUD $35/month depending on the tier of coverage. You can also subscribe to a free trial offer before committing to the service.

3. Sky Sports F1

If you’re in the UK or Ireland, Sky Sports F1 should be your go-to platform for F1 streaming. With the full suite of coverage of all 23 races, Sky Sports F1 is the best place to watch all F1 action, with expert commentary and insights, analysis, and interviews from the Sky Sports F1 team. It offers a variety of packages to choose from including Standalone F1 package, Sky Sports, and more. Their subscriptions start at £9.99.

4. ESPN+ 

F1 fans in the United States can catch all the racing action with ESPN+. ESPN’s app offers a comprehensive package that includes all F1 races, alongside all aspects of the sport including all the news and analysis, expert commentary, and additional shows. ESPN+ offers a seven-day trial followed by a subscription price of $5.99 per month.

5. Hotstar 

If you’re in India, Hotstar provides F1 streams for you. With Hotstar, you can catch live F1 action without any breaks, advertisements, or interruptions, streamed in high definition quality. Hotstar provides its customers with expert commentary and analysis that gives insight into the racing world. The subscription price for Hotstar ranges from Rs.299/monthly and Rs.1,499/yearly. 


Now that you’re armed with all the information you need on F1 streaming services, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the racing action. From annual subscriptions like F1 TV Pro to daily plans like ESPN+, these different services offer a variety of streaming options worldwide. With cable TV often being inflexible and expensive, live F1 streaming is the perfect solution for watching your favorite sport anytime and anywhere. Choose your preferred F1 streaming service and get ready to feel the excitement of Formula 1 racing.