Cancer, Diabetes, Insomnia, and CBD oil

There are some research supporting the use of CBD oil Ontario for the management of Cancer, Diabetes and Insomnia. Get to know how:

Cancer and CBD oil

There are a variety of cancers afflicting millions of people each year. Mutated or damaged cells tend to multiply getting out of control, with some forming up malignant tumors which metastasize through the entire body, threatening patient’s life. For millions, when diagnosed with cancer, it proves to be fatal. In some instances, the treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy, and the invasive surgery are known to be worse than the cure. 

Cancer has become a top target for many researchers with a lot of money being poured in the search for a cure for the same. And even with the hard researches, the understanding behind the progression of cancer is very slow, while there is no time for millions of patients who are suffering from it.

Research on the effects of the CBD regarding cancer is still ongoing but the early results tend to show that there is some hope. Cannabidiols such as the THC and CBD seem to be working to inhibit the growth of the cancer tumor on their own. When they are combined with the traditional medication such as chemotherapy or radiation, the reduction becomes faster of the size of the tumor. Why it happens has not been known. But it could be related to the way the endocannabinoid system tends to regulate the homeostasis of the body, thereby inhibiting the proliferation of the cancerous cells. 

Diabetes and CBD oil

The type 1 diabetes is known to cause inflation of the pancreas because of the invader cells which are known to damage the beta cells producing the insulin hormone in the body. Insulin is very important in regulating of the blood sugar. Diabetic needs insulin supplement and face a variety of debilitating health concerns.

With the CBD promising to reduce the inflammation and restoring the homeostasis of the body, it might offer a new way of treatment for those suffering from the type 1 diabetes. There are no human trials which have been done. But there are encouraging results which came from animal testing. Mice which had type 1 diabetes were treated with the CBD and they showed a reduction in the leukocyte activation and the FCD – functional capillary density. Both of the reductions are an indicator of reduction in the inflammation.

Sleep condition/Insomnia vs CBD oil

About 70% of adults in the USA tend to have insufficient sleep. It is estimated that the real number of pathological insomniacs is close a third of the adult population. CBD oil tends to boost the activity of endocannabinoid system, which are receptors aiding in the homeostasis of the body. The body requires the homeostasis so that it can lock on a sleep cycle that is healthy. Anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD oil might help in wakefulness during the day and aid to have a healthy cycle of sleep at night even in conditions which are less ideal for sleeping such as noise or a bed which is uncomfortable