Choosing the Right PPC Agency-Key Questions to Consider

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is potent too for all online businesses. It employs the right amount of traffic towards a website, and this benefits online stores in various ways. However, finding the most suitable PPC agency can be a tedious process. With so many digital marketing agencies coming up, the search can be stressful. It’s no wonder most companies visit various marketing firms before making a decision. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to hire the right PPC company.

Here are critical things to find out when choosing the right PPC agency:

  1. Which technology does the PPC agency use?

PPC firms, for example MagnifyLab, employ various tools, strategies  and technological solutions. Some use in-house technology solution which can manage your marketing campaign performance. However, if the company is limited to a single solution, this may not offer the desired results.

  1. Does the PPC company have case studies on previous performance?

A reputable digital marketing agency is likely to have worked with many clients in the past. In this case, they should be in a position to provide data to showcase their success. Check the figures and percentages and try to figure out how they can impact your business if you hire the agency.

  1. What is the cost of hiring the company?

 PPC companies charge varying prices of their services. In most cases, the cost includes the tracking fees, set up costs and other hidden charges. Go for the agency that offers reasonable rates, without compromising on quality. Moreover, have everything in writing to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

  1. What is the company’s level of expertise?

PPC marketing is somewhat complicated, and you need a digital marketing agency with unparalleled expertise. They should also have the right team comprising of skilled workers and a PPC manager. He or she should dedicate time and effort on paid searches. The team should also be updated on the latest PPC marketing trends and strategies.

  1. Is the company licensed?

A legit PPC agency should possess the right certificates and documentation as per the state’s laws and statutes. Ascertain whether the company has all that before engaging them. Besides, you don’t want to deal with a firm that risks closure by the government.

  1. What tools does the company utilize?

Find out the tools that the PPC agency uses to generate data and other reports. If you wish to change marketing agencies, what happens? What would happen to the marketing campaign and the process that you already have in place? Get sufficient details about all these and if possible, have everything in writing.

  1. How do you measure success?

The main aim of hiring a PPC company is to get more traffic, hence more conversions. Ask how the agency measures success for the PPC management services offered. Ask about your role in the marketing campaign, and whether the agency expects you to perform some tasks in-house.


 There are numerous aspects to consider when looking at the right PPC company. Consider the above questions, and they will guide you in picking the right agency for your needs. Also, research more on the companies, and check out any customer reviews about the quality of services offered.