Decoding MMR in League of Legends: How It Works

How To See Your LoL MMR | EarlyGameIn the realm of online gaming, League of Legends (LoL) is among the most played and highly competitive games. Both beginners and seasoned players constantly aim to improve their skills and move up the ranks. The League of Legends ranking system uses a specific algorithm to rank players by their skill level. This algorithm is also known as MMR or Matchmaking Rating. However, the calculation of MMR can be quite tricky to understand. Today, we will dive into the world of MMR and League of Legends


MMR is a unique rating system that analyzes a player’s skill level and determines their rank. It’s a hidden number that LoL uses to match players of the same skill level to compete against each other. The ranking system uses a combination of factors to calculate MMR, including win rate, strength of schedule, and a player’s K/D ratio. 

When a player wins a game, they earn MMR points and move up the ladder. If they lose, they lose MMR points and drop lower in the rankings. The game attempts to match players based on similar MMR levels to ensure a fair and challenging game. However, it is worth noting that the MMR of all players in the game has to be very close to the other players’ ranks to get a balanced game. 

Now, suppose you are a beginner and have not played many games yet, you will start in a lower rank. As you win more matches, your MMR will increase, and so will your rank. On the other hand, if you consistently lose, your MMR will drop, and you will lower in rank. The ranking system uses these factors to find opponents that match your MMR, ensuring a fun and fair gaming experience. 

One thing you should know about MMR is that it is a closely guarded secret. Many gamers speculate about how MMR is calculated, and while Riot Games has shared some information, there is still a lot of mystery around the algorithm. However, there is one thing we know for sure; MMR is individualized based on each player’s performance. Therefore, it is essential to continuously practice and improve your skills if you want to climb the ladder.

Another element that contributes to the MMR algorithm is duo queueing. This method involves two players queuing together in the game. The game will calculate the average MMR of both players and match them against another team with a similar average MMR. Suppose you are significantly better than your partner, and you win a match; this will technically lead to a small gain in MMR points for both players. However, the opposite is also true. It means that if you are significantly worse than your partner and lose a match, it will lead to a significant loss of MMR points for both players.


In conclusion, understanding how the MMR system works in League of Legends is vital for every player that dreams of ranking up as high as possible. MMR is challenging to understand as it uses multiple factors and a constantly changing algorithm. However, the LOl MMR system is designed to ensure that every player has a fair and challenging gaming experience. The key takeaway here is not to stress too much about your rank, and instead focus on having fun and improving your skills.