Different freshwater species of fishes in Thailand

The enthusiasm and love for fishing have found their way with a long history of traditions to the modern hectic generations. However, even after experiencing the benefits and comforts of urban living and fun, people are still attracted to the charm of fishing. This is why they like to dedicate special holidays to fishing and chose destinations like Thailand for it. There are special packages in this country like a Bangkok fishing tour that are specially designed for fishing fans and communities around the world. Here are the different types of freshwater fish species that people can easily find in places associated with Thailand.

Thai Mahseer

This one is also known by the names of Greater Brook Carp and has a highly distributed population around South East Asia. This species likes to inhabit both the clear water lakes and rivers. They have a preference for oxygenated and running water along with dark surroundings. People who are well aware of their living patterns move to the upstream places and fish them around during the rainy seasons.

Blue Mahseer

The species is also known by the name of Stracheyi Mahseer. They have a population distributed over the Asian regions of Mayanmar all the way to that of Thailand. Their inhabitation patterns are very similar to those of Thai Mahseer with clear streams and they also prefer to stay close to the rapidly flowing waters. These ones are very shy and often remain elusive which makes them fun to catch.

Hampala Barb

They are also known by the name of jungle perch and are distributed entirely around the south Asian region. They are usually found in the large streams and similar rivers, old ponds that were once being used for mining, running streams, and around dams and lakes. They can easily be found at some specific places in Thailand.