Discover Inspiring Campaigns on LaunchGood

LaunchGood, a leading crowdfunding platform, is home to a diverse range of impactful campaigns that touch lives and make a difference in communities around the world. From providing clean water to supporting orphans and addressing urgent humanitarian needs, these campaigns exemplify the spirit of giving and compassion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the featured campaigns that are currently live on LaunchGood. While going through LaunchGood ‘s main page, you’ll learn how such campaigns showcase the power of collective generosity.

Active Campaigns on LaunchGood

Iltizam Relief Society (FKA: Al-I’tisam): West Bengal Water Wells

This campaign aims to build water wells in West Bengal, providing clean water to those in need. Support this initiative and make a lasting impact on communities.

SEMA US: Winter Appeal for Syrian Refugees

Support Syrian refugees in their time of need by contributing to this Winter Appeal. Your donation can make a significant difference in providing essential resources.

WhyIslam Dawah Project: Embracing Islam in Gaza

This project focuses on embracing Islam in Gaza, turning adversity into awakening. Contribute to spreading awareness and supporting those on their journey.

MATW Project: Saving Lives in Palestine

With a significant goal, this campaign aims to save lives in Palestine. Join the cause and contribute to making a substantial impact on the ground.

Iltizam Relief Society (FKA: Al-I’tisam): Nourishing Smiles in Cambodia

Support the initiative to provide food baskets for Cambodia’s underprivileged children and families. Your contribution can bring smiles and nourishment.

Mercy Bakery: Mercy Village in Yemen

Participate in the Sadaqah Jariyah initiative to construct 100 homes in Yemen. Be part of building a lasting legacy of mercy.

Iltizam Relief Society (FKA: Al-I’tisam): Zero Hunger in Kashmir

Address hunger in Kashmir by contributing to this campaign. Make a lasting impact on the lives of the region’s poorest families and orphans.

SAPA: Sudan Crisis Appeal – Food and Shelter

Provide essential relief to victims of war in Sudan. Your support can contribute to offering food and shelter to those affected by the crisis.

Vick Liu: Gaza Winter Sleeping Bags (Zakat-Approved)

Ensure warmth for Gaza with this campaign by providing winter sleeping bags. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Bondh E Shams: Filtered Safe Water for Gaza

Support the provision of safe and filtered water in Gaza. Your donation can contribute to enhancing the quality of life for the community.

These featured campaigns on LaunchGood represent just a glimpse of the incredible work being done globally. Explore these initiatives, discover inspiring causes, and be part of the collective effort to make the world a better place.

Your contribution, no matter how small, can create a positive ripple effect and bring hope to those in need. Join the movement of compassion and generosity on LaunchGood today.

Note: All campaign details are accurate as of the provided information.

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