Everything To Know About Tutoring During The Holidays

Since classes are over, can meeting with a tutor during the holidays be effective? In the United States, a program helping students from underprivileged backgrounds shows that increasing the number of hours of study, in particular by continuing them in the summer, considerably improves academic results. In the same vein, here are some advantages for starting or continuing Tutoring during the summer period!

How Can Tutoring While On Vacation Make A Difference?

Consolidation Of Achievements And Catching Up

Tutoring during the summer can be particularly effective for a student who has experienced difficulties during their school year. Once the stress of the end-of-year exams is behind us, it is easy to set goals with the tutor to achieve throughout the summer. In this way, it will be possible to do a good review both to reinforce the acquired knowledge and better understand what would have been less understood.

Prepare Before The Start Of The School Year.

Grammar Tutoring (ติว grammar which is the term in Thai) can also be done in anticipation of the next school year, even if your child is sufficiently up to date in his subjects. Without going deep into the concepts, the tutor can give an overview, making a big difference at the start of the school year in the fall. In this way, it is better to prevent a possible catching up on the subject if your child already tends to fall behind during the year.

Tutoring for taking MELS exams

If your child has to retake their Ministry exams this summer, the revisions and remedial Tutoring can be of great help. The tutor will be able to consider appropriate study strategies and find good tips to keep your child focused on his exam. If necessary, the tutor could give the student a simulation exam.

Students who have failed a course during the year also have the possibility of retaking it during the summer season by participating in a summer course at School Success.

How Do I Convince My Child To Tutor During The Summer?

First of all, you should know that a powerful bond develops between a tutor and his student and that the students generally very much appreciate the tutoring sessions. We note that students who tutor with us see their motivation and self-esteem increase.

These sessions are therefore pleasant and beneficial for children and teenagers. A child who does Tutoring during the school year and appreciates his tutor might very well agree to continue the sessions during the summer.