Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Custom USB Drive

Custom USB drives have become the hottest property in the world market over the past few years. They are top-notch giveaways which make them the best fit for corporate gifts and trade shows. Preloading custom USB drives with quality content enables an organization to use them as a top-grade marketing tool.

But what should you do before purchasing this enticing property? It’s all contained herein.

Comparing custom USB drives prices

Want to buy custom USB Drives? Then you have to familiarize yourself with the different available prices for custom USB Drives.

Custom USB Drives are available in a variety of shapes, qualities, colors, sizes, and storage capacities. You can either choose metallic, plastic wooden, or leather finishes – whichever will entice you. There are also a couple of custom shapes to select from. They include credit cards, wine corks, light bulbs, and pens.

Custom USB Drives Average Costs plus other costs and fees

Several factors determine the price of a custom USB Drive. They include style and design, memory capacity, size of your total order, and quality to mention but a few. The important thing to note is that large orders attract a discounted per-item price.

Custom USB Drives have higher prices compared to several other promotional items. They averagely cost in the range of 5 US dollars to 20 US dollars each. The most popular types of custom USB drives cost from 6 US dollars to 12 US dollars. These prices incorporate the device plus the cost of embedding your company’s logo or design.

Promo companies occasionally charge a fixed rate for every USB Drive. A flat rate for logo work and customization are afterward separated. The company will however in other times include the logo work in the device’s price but charge a particular set-up fee for design work. This is usually in the range of 50 US dollars to 100 US dollars. The price in such a scenario includes two colors and additional colors run extra.

A lot of companies have minimum order requirements and it varies. It could be 25 pieces at times while in other times, it may shoot to 500 pieces!

Those in need of custom USB drives in a hurry will have to pay an additional amount for a rush order. For instance, additional 50 US dollars could speed up the process by a day whereas extra 250 US dollars might end up speeding the process by three days.

Choosing a custom USB Drive

When shopping for custom USB Drives, price should not be the only consideration. A cheaper price will often land you a poor quality USB Drive. The use of cheap and poor quality USB Drives may result in negative results for your company.

So, before you settle on a supplier, ensure you get sufficient quotes. Avoid any quotes that seem suspicious. You should purchase from reputable suppliers that have a lengthy history of satisfied customers.

Final Thoughts

Before you commit yourself to purchase a custom USB Drive, ensure you get a sample of the item from your supplier. The sample ought to work according to your expectations.