Music is a part of life that has always existed with man. It started way back before man could create any form of too to make musical sounds. Man depended on the use of their voices and body parts such as hands to make melodic sounds. With time they shifted to the use of crude tools to create musical notes and eventually started making simple instruments like the flute and drums. 

This was in time followed with more sophisticated and intricate instruments like the guitar, the saxophone, the piano and other diverse instruments. These instruments were yet upgraded to electrical versions of themselves and digital musical effects were also created. These were all channeled to the creation of melodic sounds for the enjoyment of man. The large diversity of musical instruments have led to the existence of numerous genres of music such as juju, folk, hip hop, blues, pop, reggae, R n B, and so much more. 


Spotify is a modern audio streaming and media service provider which started 15 years ago (2006). The headquarters of the provider is stationed in Stockholm, Sweden with offices and subsidiaries in about 17 different countries and a total of about 6554 employed individuals. 

Size of Spotify

Being one of the largest streaming service provider, it is no surprise that they have over 356 million active users (March 2021) on a monthly basis, of which about 158 million are paying subscribers that make use of the app’s premium version. The remaining 198 million users make use of the free services. 

The company is huge with large revenue of about €7.88 billion and an operating income of about €293 million. Their net income as at March 2021 measured up to €581 million and with total assets of about €6.33 billion and a total equity of about €2.81 billion. 


Spotify is one of the steaming services used by artists to present their music to the public. It has helped to introduce new artists to the world and has greatly improved the popularity of others.

This is why it is very essential to have a sound Spotify account as an artist. There are lots of strategies used to ensure your music gets the attention of the millions of Spotify users. You could buy SoundCloud plays for the mean time to ensure that your account doesn’t stay untouched. This can serve as base or foundation to further exposure. 

The size of Spotify serves as a good opportunity for artists especially upcoming artists to put their work out there. The challenge to be in the spotlight might be very difficult but successfully mastering how to portray your work on Spotify, you are bound to pull the attention of the over 300 million users. 


Music is an indispensable part of life; hence music will always be sought out. This is why music service providers like Spotify exist to serve millions with different types of music.

With a huge provider like Spotify, artists can show their music to the large public.