One of the common reasons why people do not celebrate the Christmas holiday

There is no doubt that Christmas is the most popular and hugely celebrated holiday by approximately six billion people worldwide. Christmas has become such an ingrained part of modern culture that even individuals in nations with no or little Christmas tradition or history are celebrating this particular holiday in increasing numbers.

Christmas holiday has become so huge that it plays a significant role in the economic structure of many nations. In the United States retail industry the day after Thanksgiving holiday is mostly known as Black Friday and not because it is a bad day but generally because this particular day marks the beginning of Christmas holiday shopping season and people are out shopping for Luxury christmas hampers and therefore stores that have not been making so much profit that particular year due to lack of sufficient customers can see their sales shooting up in this particular day as black Friday is the best sales day in a calendar year for every business company.

Christmas is huge, huge enough for some business to shut down and give their employees time off, colleges and schools take longer breaks or even a week at this period, some people darken the door of a church for perhaps the first time all year, and most families plan get-togethers and trips.

Therefore it is not surprising that you get some pretty shocked looks whenever you tell people that you do not celebrate Christmas Holiday as this is a pretty unusual thing for anyone. So what’s up with someone, not celebrating the Christmas holiday? Is there any valid reason for someone not to engage in celebrating the Christmas holiday? Why would anyone not want to celebrate during the Christmas holiday like many other people?

Below is one of the reasons why people do not celebrate the Christmas holiday:

  1. Christmas is driven by commercialism.

It is not that challenging to recognize what exactly drives the Christmas holiday in our age. An American Syndicated columnist by the name of Cal Thomas who writes about Christian Perspective often acknowledged uncomfortable truths about the Christmas holiday in a December 2003 column

In the column he began by saying he is not sure whether it is worth keeping Christmas anymore, lamenting that the Christmas holiday has become a roadshow for a winter scene, elves, reindeer and the God substitute, Santa Claus, who generally serves as an edge for merchants seeking to sell their products by preying on the guilt of some parent for ignoring to buy gifts for their kids.

Cal Thomas asks the question why should people participate in the charade of Christmas holiday where the focal point of worship is shifted to a babe in Victoria’s secret window forma babe in a manger? No room in the mall parking lot replacing the No room in the inn as in the bible. The main reason why we should celebrate the Christmas Holiday, which is the birth of Jesus as it is no longer the main reason why people celebrate Christmas.

The most insightful statement of Cal Thomas in this December 2003 column is when he said that it is instructed just how one season away from all the lusting after mastering things can break the habit. It is something like liberation from lifestyle choice or addiction. Being away from all of it can cause an individual to come to a realization that the behavior is neither need for enjoyment and fulfilment nor missed.

Forgetting about the habits of Christmas long time ago, It could not be said any better!

This column by Cal Thomas has made my people to say good-bye to the Christmas celebration habit for a long time as they are not engaging in any Christmas celebration activity at the moment.