Online Doctor Consultation: The Advantages Of Consulting With An Online Physician

There has been a significant increase in the number of internet users and IT penetration in India over the last couple of years. As a result, individuals have been encouraged to seek health information online, resulting in the emergence of an infinite number of health and online consultation portals. 


Although the concept is new, these sites’ growing user base and investor base indicate their popularity. Online health advice is quite effective and convenient. There are numerous advantages, including the following:




The primary advantage of these services is their accessibility. The ability to communicate with reputable doctors from any location enables individuals to seek medical advice in areas with limited or no medical access. This is the most straightforward and convenient method of seeking medical care for someone who lives in a remote area or does not have insurance.




At a time when visiting a doctor entails hefty medical bills, patients are receptive to a cost-effective alternative. In comparison to OPD visits, an online consultation costs between INR 100 and 500. Additionally, seeking online assistance eliminates travel expenses and office closures, resulting in cost savings.


Advantage Over Telemedicine


The online doctor consultation clearly have an advantage over telemedicine services because they enable patients to share a detailed description of their condition. There are no time restrictions. Additionally, patients have the option of submitting their medical histories and sharing their reports.




Some people appreciate the increase in online consultation because it allows them to maintain their privacy. This is particularly beneficial for those who are afflicted with a chronic disease or wish to discuss a serious medical condition or subject. Patients who are apprehensive about disclosing their illness or medical condition in public for fear of social rejection are very receptive to online consultations. It enables them to consult with a variety of physicians and obtain medical advice and treatment.


24 Hours A Day Consultations 


Another significant factor contributing to the growth of online consultations is the fact that patients now have access to doctors at any time of day or night. Online health service providers are constantly attempting to expand their patient base. Thus, a patient can now easily continue with his daily responsibilities while spending sufficient time consulting a specialist without jeopardizing his time.


Online Consultation vs. Self Diagnosis


Occasionally, we use Google to look up medical information about a specific symptom, disease, or medical condition. However, it is dangerous to rely on any medical information found on various medical websites to diagnose one’s condition. While self diagnosis may appear simple and straightforward, it can result in serious health problems if performed incorrectly.


It is critical to ascertain the underlying cause of your medical condition through proper diagnosis. In these instances, consulting with a specialist online can assist in safely and effectively resolving doubts. Additionally, the internet is replete with countless websites that provide information on a variety of health topics, but some are completely unreliable. As a result, relying on a reputable source to provide accurate counsel is highly encouraged. To find the best physicians who offer online consultations, click here.