Online slot- Do you know about the different types of bonuses in the online slot?

There are many differences between online slot and offline slot, but the foremost difference is that online slot provides many types of bonuses which are not offered by offline slot. The majority of people prefer online slot in contrast to the offline slot because of this single reason. There are many benefits of playing with bonuses, like you can test your fortune for free, enjoy the game for free, practice the game for free, and if you win in those free, trials then you can withdraw the winning amount from your bank account.

This is the best benefit of playing with the help of a bonus because you can earn money without risking anything in the casino. You should have to check for the bonus in your targeted website, but the foremost thing for which you must have to check is the license because if you play slot online in those platforms which are unlicensed, then it is an illegal activity. Below mentioned is some detailed clarification regarding the bonus.

Welcome bonus

It is the amount of bonus that is provided by the online slot platform to all the new users. The amount of welcome is fixed by the higher authorities of the particular platform. It is not compulsory that every site will provide the same amount of bonus to all their user because every forum have its own credibility or rules and regulations. The amount of welcome bonus is small than the deposit bonus, but it is sufficient to enjoy or practice the game.

It is a fact that by practising with the small amount of welcome bonus, you can’t be professional, but if you play with the use of the welcome bonus, you can know the game deeply and increase your chance of winning in the slot. There is a website, namely, online slot fin88, that provide a high amount of bonus and also approved by the government.

Deposit bonus

The amount of gaming virtual cash which is given by the website to all user at the time when they make a deposit in their gaming account. The amount of this deposit bonus is more significant than the signup bonus. The exact size of this bonus is dependent on the amount that you are going to deposit.

The reason behind this, the deposit bonus is given as per the rule, which is if you deposit $ 10 in your account, then they will provide you with $ 20 or $ 30 as a reward. The legal rate of providing a deposit bonus to all online slot player is 100% or 200% of the amount they deposited.


This is the amount that is given by the site as a reward or cashback to those players who haven’t enough money to play more chances of slot online because they lose their money while playing it before. This amount is given to these users because they are leaving to play the website. This work as a technique to call them back who leave the website because of their fortune. The legal rate of providing cashback is 5% to 10% of the amount which they had lost in the game before.