Print Your Photo on Canvas: Step by Step Process

Printing your photo on canvas is a great way to add life and personality to any room. We’ll show you what materials are needed, the process of canvas printing Dubai, and then finally framing your masterpiece on display in your home or office. Let’s get started!

The process:

  • First, you will need to print your photo onto high quality paper. A laser printer is preferred for this step because it uses toner instead of ink. Inkjet printers use liquid ink that can seep through the fabric and ruin the canvas inks underneath – not what we want! We recommend using a matte finish photo paper with color or pigments that are fade resistant.

  • You’ll also need an empty spray bottle filled with water, scissors, tape measurer, foam paintbrush (or other tool used for painting). Please note: if any part of your image has white space around it, make sure to include this in when measuring out how much material you will need to cover up all edges on finished piece.

  • We offer two types of fabric: heavyweight and light-weight. Both can hold up to heavy wear but the lighter weight is more delicate so we recommend using a small amount of medium such as Mod Podge or another sealant for added durability.

  • The next step is to print your photo onto canvas. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you use a laser printer for this part of the process! Inkjet printers are not recommended at all unless you have already printed your image on matte paper as mentioned above.

  • Our easy-to-follow template makes sure your finished product will be aligned correctly with no surprises along the way – just make sure before printing, you’ve selected actual size or 100% scale so everything prints out properly without any need for further adjustments later on.

  • When picking which material best suits your needs, please note heavyweight fabric has an added stiffness and strength over lightweight offerings but both types work well with most standard-sized canvases (however if using large format canvas, please select the heavyweight to ensure even ink coverage). Light weight is better for small canvases and photos with fine details.

  • The final step in this process is framing! We recommend using a sturdy frame (metal or hardwood) that has pre-drilled holes which makes hanging them up very easy. If opting for no frame, we like to use clear packaging tape on all four sides of the finished product so it’s protected from being exposed to moisture – then you can hang your canvas right onto nails or screws without any fear of damaging your work over time.

The best way to print a photo on canvas is by using the right type of printer and understanding how it works.  It’s important that you know what kind of color ink your printer can handle, as well as the size range for printing images before attempting this process yourself. In addition, make sure you have enough space in front of your computer screen or monitor so that both are visible at once while working on the project.