Some FAQs related to weed delivery Toronto

Weed delivery services are the facility to deliver weed directly to you. Weed delivery Toronto are the services that deliver weed legally with no restrictions to users who are 19 years or older. Weed delivery Toronto may require separate registration. So they will need your proper identification. If you reside in Toronto or if you are just visiting, search or browse to verify legality and requirements.

Most of the states require medical cannabis card for delivery. So it is necessary to begin your weed delivery with by getting registered or by verifying cannabis registration status. For delivering weed in Toronto it requires address verification, registration fee and in person doctor visits.

How to place order for weed delivery in Toronto?

Weed delivery in Toronto have many delivery facilities such as official website or apps for download. Once you reach the site or the app. You will get products ranging from flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, gummies, topicals, tincture concentration, CBDs, accessories and many more.

When you made your selection of product that you need place the order that they will ask you to verify your documents, it will take two to three hours to verify your documents. In case, your documents are found invalid, you can reapply with corrections. If document verification is successful, you can make payment for your orders. After some time, they will send you a confirmation message via text or mail and an estimated delivery time. If you place your order in business days you will get your order on same day. Otherwise you will receive your order on next day. Sometimes the products are out of stock in weed dispensary Toronto but they will recommend you either a suitable substitute or a refund.

Is weed delivery in Toronto is legal out of its border?

It is illegal to deliver weed out of the border of Canada. If you found delivering weed out of border you will be charged under criminal offence.  Cannabis act carry two new criminal offence, one for selling cannabis to teenagers, other for influencing the youth to commit cannabis related offence. Both these carry maximum penalty of 14 or more than 14 years in prison.

What happened if you caught delivering weed in Toronto?

If you do not have license for weed delivery in Toronto than you have to pay an amount or 14 years in prison. If you purchase weed from a licensed retailer that you will be charged maximum fine of five thousand dollars or 6 months in prison.

How much weed can you legally have in Toronto?

You are able to have around 30 grams (1 ounce) of weed or dried cannabis in your car or own vehicle.


Weed delivery Toronto website Ottawa Dispensary is the only legal way to purchase all forms of cannabis because it follows strict rules of federal government. Your orders will be delivered safely and securely. You just have to verify your docents and have to follow all the instructions carefully. Your details will be safe so you do not need to worry about details you have shared with the websites.