The Pros Of Using period undies plus size

Women spend an average of $60 to $120 a year on disposable menstrual products, according to research. In terms of cost, how do period-proof knickers stack up? In the short term, it may seem like a lot of money, but in the long run, it might save you money. The price of period underwear ranges from $25 to $40.

Here are the pros of using period underwear instead of buying disposable menstrual products:

  • Because they may be reused, they have less effect on the environment than throwaway options.
  • Two tampons full is enough to fill one of them.
  • Overnight protection is made easier with these roomier briefs.
  • Styles and absorbency levels are available.
  • Newcomers to menstruation may ease into the experience with the availability of women’s sizes.
  • Wear them after giving birth; they’re postpartum-friendly.
  • It’s possible that you won’t be protected against incontinence when you wear period panties since menstrual blood is thicker than pee.

What Is Period Underwear

There is a good chance that you’ve seen advertisements for period undies plus size on social media or have heard about them from friends, but you’re still unsure as to how they operate. Period underwear is a new kind of period product made for women who menstruate. Period underwear, like other menstrual products, is designed to keep you dry and leak-proof.

Period underwear is a reusable product that collects blood throughout your menstrual cycle. Absorbent materials like microfiber polyester are common in most brands, although there are plenty to pick from. Most period underwear is designed to keep you dry while also preventing leakage. Some companies go so far as to use an anti-odor treatment.

If they’ve been adequately cleaned, period underwear may be washed on a mild or delicate cycle in the washing machine. Whenever possible, wash just your period underwear in a separate load from another laundry. Any fabric softener or sheet is also a bad idea. Some doctors recommend using a detergent that is gentle, odorless, and dye-free.

Do an additional rinse cycle since you want to make sure there is no detergent remaining on them. Otherwise, your skin may get irritated. Period underpants should be air-dried rather than put in a laundry dryer. According to doctors, the average lifespan of a pair is between two and five years. A good product and how frequently you wash them may have a big impact.

Period underwear is as comfortable as regular underwear. Simply slip on a pair of underwear while menstruating. If you’re wearing a tampon, they may provide an additional layer of protection. Menstrual flow may take some time to adjust to if you’ve been using tampons for a long time. Depending on your cycle, you may be able to wear period panties for up to a week.

Wearing period panties for a longer amount of time if you’re experiencing a mild flow day may not be necessary if your flow is heavy. To reduce odor and leaking, it’s suggested that you don’t wear the same pair for more than 12 hours. Five to seven pairs of period panties may be required throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.