Try Out Underarm Laser Hair Removal

A white, smooth and clean underarms is a dream of everyone. You may have seen the celebrities or TV anchor having a clear and spotless underarm and may have wanted to have the same. Well, the key to such an underarm is Underarm Laser Hair Removal [เลเซอร์ ขน รักแร้, which is the term in Thai]. Though there may be individual health problems to develop dark parches under the underarms, most of the time, it is the wrong way of hair removing. You may regain your confidence and wear your favorite sleeveless dress at a party by going through a few sessions of laser treatment.

You will never regret

once you try out a single session of the laser under your arms, you will never go back to waxing or razors. So, contact a professional and drag your pits to the clinic. If your hair is wiry, dark, dense, grows back fast and does not always get to pamper your underarms, this treatment will leave you to satisfy. This treatment involves an intense and pulsating beam of light and burns the hair follicle from the base, which does not grow back again. Also, you may get to see the result right after the first session or after a few sessions and will end up having clean, smooth underarms without any more hassles to shave it.

How it may feel

you may wonder whether the treatment hurts or not and many patients back off from the treatment when they learn about the myths related to laser treatment. Well, the truth is that it does not hurt. Laser treatment is designed to target the hair follicles with high-heat laser beams. When the beam passes, you will not feel the heat but a slight spark as if your underarm is being snapped with a rubber band. After the procedure, you may also feel mild discomfort such as irritation and redness such as sunburns. Since the underarm is a folded part of the body and is subject to sweat, you are likely to feel discomfort. But with creams, you may recover within minutes.