Types of bonuses every online casino would offer

Online gambling has been there for a long time now and the market is expanding every day as the number of businesses offering the same services and the number of players entering the industry is increasing consistently. To keep up with this competition, all online casinos like JOKER123 Indonesia are offering attractive rewards and bonuses to the players. As a player, you can increase the chances of playing more games with these bonuses. Although there are multiple bonuses offered in all casinos, let us discuss only the vital types in this article in brief. 

Joining bonus

You would get a bonus right away after joining an online casino. It is a joining bonus that is used for the promotional purposes of the casino. Although all other bonuses would come under the promotional activities of the online casinos, the welcome bonus is the key as it attracts new customers instead of retaining the existing ones. If a person sees an advert for a joining bonus of a hundred percent of the initial deposit, he would dream of winning casino games for $200 instead of the $100 he has in his pocket. So, he would join the casino without a second thought. Hence, you could find this type of bonus in several online casinos with slight differences in the sizes of the bonus. 

Referral bonus

A referral bonus is something attractive to the existing customers of an online casino and helpful to the casino to bring more customers without much effort. The process would be simple and the casino would announce the bonus to its existing customer and ask them to refer some newbies to join the website. As the bonus seems attractive, these existing customers would go out looking for people who are about to join a casino. If you can manage to convince them to join the same casino, you can get that bonus. There will not be a limit for the players to refer someone and you can claim the bonus every time you do so. Since players would be looking for someone’s referral to choose the right casino, the process would not be tricky. 

Cashback bonus

It is a type of bonus offered by the casino when the players are in their downfall with their games. Gambling could go wrong at any time and you should beware of the losses you could face. If you are losing a lot continuously, some online casinos would come forward to offer you a small portion of the money you have lost so far as a cashback. They would try to motivate you to continue playing and stop you from quitting the casino. However, you can use this cashback to bounce from your losses at least to a smaller extent. 

High deposit bonus

Let us assume that you are looking for a casino to become a full-time casino player. It is advisable to deposit in lots as the casinos would offer high deposit bonuses to people who are contributing larger amounts.