What are the benefits of medical use of Ketamine?

Ketamine is a prescription drugs which has been around for a while now. It can be used for both medicinal and recreational needs. Ketamine is used by veterinary officers during Ketaset which are the surgical anesthesia when treating animals. It is also used by many human being today especially as a recreational drug. Ketamine is sold in powder or liquid form and can be ingested into the body through injections, sniffing and drinking. When used with other drugs, ketamine can tend to be very dangerous and might even result into loss of consciousness. The following are some ideal benefits people enjoy from ketamine today.

Restricting violent movement for epileptic patients

Patients with Status Epilepticus which is a dangerous variant of epilepsy which could culminate with brain damage and even death at times, tend to experience very severe seizures. Ketamine has been considered a worthwhile option for use to help contain the violent seizures and protect the patients from injuring themselves while at it. It is however the last option medical practitioners turn to after other options have failed.

Used for sedation purposes

There are very many sedation agents which are used for surgeries worldwide today and ketamine happens to be one of them. Surgical procedures like skin graft and other minor surgeries can utilize ketamine as a sedation agent to calm the patient when going on with the procedure. Since it is used for fighting the effects of depression, you should not expect it to knock you out during a surgery but may make you hallucinate help manage the pain that you are feeling from the same. Veterinary doctors can also use the drug for surgical procedures when operating on animals.

Pain control for serious injuries

When seriously injured, the local solutions for containing such pain may not be available and in such cases, one can consider using ketamine as a pain control measure for patients with serious injuries. There are some children who do not react well to anesthetics due to allergy history or adverse side effects which may show. Using ketamine can help a patient manage excruciating pain as they are being treated. Soldiers injured in the battle field can most benefit from such an anesthetic to feel less pain.

Anti-depressant option for some patients

Ketamine in the human body tends to block the N-methyl-D-aspartate site. This is a good measure of the body to control the adverse symptoms of depression. It is therefore an option that is considered for use especially for patients that are feared to have suicidal thoughts. It is however only right for the human body when consumed in the recommended dosages. Abusing your dosages can easily harm you and even make you unconscious. One has to be especially cautious not to use it with other drugs for instance marijuana or cocaine, it may easily become tragic.