What are the various digital scam activities to beware of?

Have you ever got a message from an unknown number mentioning that you have won a lottery or you are eligible for a personal loan? If so, you would have interacted with a spammer at least once in your life. These are those messages from spammers who desperately need your banking information and other personal details to loot from you. If you look at these messages and emails, you can witness a link. Once you click on that link, you are into their trap. They would be able to access your crucial financial information within a few seconds. Likewise, you may get scammed in online shopping portals and other digital transactions also. Whenever you are providing your banking information, you would have to be careful and check for various factors on the website. Else, your information would be lost in some fake hands that would loot your 꽁머니. There are only a few people aware of these frauds as the majority of people are in the zone of trap still. Although a person is literate, he would get lost in the traps put forth by these cybercrime people. So, the awareness about the various ways these fakers would scam people would be the only way to be safe. Once you know them, you could protect your information and money. In this article, let us look at some of these digital scam activities in brief. 

Digital scam activities to beware of

Gambling and other frauds

You will get some invitations to register yourself with gambling games and other illegal activities by showing attractive bonuses and winning prices. However, if you join and register with the bank details for withdrawal of your winnings, they would use them for making purchases under your name.

Website’s betrayal

Whenever a website asks you for credit card information, you should study the privacy policy of the site. In some cases, these websites could betray you by selling off your personal information to third-party scammers who could misuse your information. 


You should not open any emails from unauthorized companies or agencies. If you do so, you can get to see some attractive offers or irrelevant call-to-actions. If you are unaware of this scam, you would click on the links available on the emails. It would take you to some other websites that would get your private information easily. So, you should not open or click the links on any of the unauthorized emails or those that you do not know about the sender. 


You would receive some voice calls asking for your banking information and OTPs at times pretending to be official calls from banks. However, no bank would ask you for such details and you should not fall for them. 

UPI frauds

If you agree to pay using any UPI app that is not authorized by the banks, you have higher possibilities of losing money as they would be fake apps to collect your info.