What size of pool to choose?

Swimming pools come in several different shapes and sizes to choose from. As such, being able to choose the right one can be a bit challenging if you don’t know what to consider. That is why in this article, I am going to say something briefly about the size and shape of swimming pools.

You need to understand that the use of the pool will usually depend on the shape of the swimming pool. The shape and size you settle for should depend on your activities. If you merely want to relax in your pool and have a good time, a small swimming pool may be enough for that. However, if you want to use the pool for hosting parties and lap, you might want to step the size up a bit.

The choice of the size and shape will also depend on your budget a lot. Constructing a big swimming pool can be very expensive. Normally, there is a unit cost, which increases with every foot you add to the structure. The shape of the pool will also determine the amount of money you have to spend on it. Complicated shapes usually cost more than basic shapes.

Sizes of swimming pools

Swimming pools can be categorized into three main sizes depending on how big or small they are. These three sizes are mini pools, standard size pools, and lap pools. Mini pools like the name suggests are usually the smallest in size. They measure less than 10 square meters in size and are suitable for individuals or small families. Mini pools can also be constructed alongside a standard pool to be used by children or less experienced swimmers.

Standard size pools usually measure around 32 square meters. They are big enough to accommodate a medium-sized family. Most people usually settle for this size of swimming pool because it can cater the needs of many people comfortably.

The last type of poolsis referred to as lap pools. These ones are usually designed for sports swimming. They are a great choice for athletes to practice. These pools are usually designed to be 10 meters in length or more.

What pool shape should you choose?

Swimming pools can be designed in literally any shape one wants. The shape is only limited by your imagination. Some common shapes are oval, bean-shaped, rectangular, lap pool, and free-form. Free-form pools are increasingly becoming popular because people are becoming more creative in their thinking. You should choose these shapes of pool if you want the water to match a certain theme or landscaping design in your compound.

Pool bottoms and depths

So, how deep should your pool be? Well, when you are designing your pool, you want to keep other people in mind too. If you are an avid swimmer, you should know that not everybody can swim as good as you. Thus, you should make a pool that is deep enough to make the swimming fun, but shallow enough for the novice swimmers.

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