Why to try the Gastric balloon For Weight Loss

A gastric balloon is an inflatable silicone balloon that is placed into the stomach to help reduce the amount of food that is absorbed. This helps people feel full sooner and eat less food. It is suitable for obese patients over the age of 40 and for those who have other medical conditions that interfere with regular digestion. There are some precautions you should take before having a gastric balloon.

The procedure is carried out in an operating room or endoscopic suite. The patient is put under deep sedation and a balloon is inserted into the stomach. The balloon is inflated with 600 milliliters of saline, which fills up a significant amount of space in the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that can be ingested, resulting in weight loss. The balloon remains in the stomach for about 6 months.

A gastric balloon is an effective weight loss treatment that is minimally invasive and temporary. It works by placing a soft saline balloon or an air-filled balloon into the stomach. The balloon acts as a restrictive mechanism to encourage feeling of satiety. A gastric capacity of approximately 1200 mL is normal, but an obese person’s volume can be stretched to three times that amount. Adding a gastric balloon to a patient’s stomach induces a feeling of fullness, which can be a contributing factor to weight loss.

In addition to gastric balloon surgery, gastric balloons are also used in nonsurgical weight-loss methods. Its primary function is to slow the process of gastric emptying, which limits the amount of food that the stomach can store. Patients who undergo this procedure typically lose between 10 and 15% of their body weight. It is a simple and short-term procedure that has helped millions of people live a healthier life.

An intragastric balloon can be an effective bridge treatment for patients who cannot undergo bariatric surgery. Although these devices do not provide dramatic weight loss, they can reduce the complications that may arise after the surgery and reduce the cost of the surgery. In addition, balloon therapy has a higher failure rate than bariatric surgery. Further studies are needed to better understand the benefits of intragastric balloons in this setting.

The ORBERA(r) gastric balloon is a nonsurgical device that helps people who are moderately overweight lose weight. It has received approval from the FDA. Patients who want to achieve long-term success with the device must adhere to a balanced diet and exercise programme in addition to using the device, which can help patients lose weight. A patient, in collaboration with his or her treatment team, is required to set an attainable objective and remain committed to achieving it.

The gastric balloon is a weight loss treatment that is relatively recent in its introduction. This treatment, in contrast to others, does not require surgery and consists of inserting a small silicone balloon into the stomach of the patient. Because the balloon occupies space in the stomach, it becomes more challenging to consume greater quantities of food. The process takes around twenty minutes to complete.