Why Young Adults Must Consider Getting St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia is one of the few countries in the world that offers both adventurousness and tranquility. People who love diving, snorkeling, sailing, or kitesurfing will love the country’s northeast region, where a lot of tourist facilities are concentrated. Other than the northeast region, the rest of the island country is full of rainforests, secluded bays, deserted waterfalls, small fishing communities, and amazing banana plantations. Wildlife lovers will love St Lucia as well. The islands’ waters are frequented by whales, dolphins, rare turtle species, and countless birds. Be it exploring the rainforests barefoot or taking horseback rides near the bays – for youngsters, there’s too much to do in St Lucia! Unfortunately, visiting this volcanic island in the Caribbean region as a tourist isn’t enough. A better idea is gaining citizenship in this country!

Saint Lucia’s Policy Towards People Who Want to Become Citizens

Saint Lucia’s policies towards people applying for citizenship, especially young adults, are very welcoming. That’s why the process of getting a St Lucia passport is super-simple and fast. In three to four months of submitting the citizenship application, people can become official holders of Saint Lucia passports. Applicants need to be 18+ and have a clean background (no criminal record or pending criminal cases).

Why Young Adults Must Consider This Move

Taxes are major concerns for young adults who are entering the workforce. Getting St Lucia citizenship can help them address these issues as the country has one of the most transparent and comfortable taxation systems in the world. Citizens or dual-passport holders don’t have to pay taxes on the incomes they generate from outside of the country. There are no wealth taxes or harmful dividends, as well. Plus, the St Lucia passport enables citizens to travel visa-free to over 140 countries! The strength of the St Lucian passport is amazing and something every youngster who loves traveling must have in his or her catalog.

The Quality of Life

The quality of life in Saint Lucia is amazing. The average temperature on this volcanic island ranges from 20-26°C throughout the year. The tropical climate and cool sea breezes make this island the perfect relaxation spot. For more information about the citizenship process, applicants must check out Govt.lc. Young adults who are working remotely must consider settling in Saint Lucia’s capital town Castries. This uber-popular tourist destination comes to life every holiday season, attracting thousands of visitors. Overall, St Lucia is an amazing second country option for people and families of all ages!