Learn better time management to pass the IELTS reading test with Interpass

IELTS is indeed an important examination for your life. In order to be smoothly admitted to the top universities abroad, you have to fetch some good marks. In that case, knowing the syllabus at first is your basic homework. Now, you know you have to participate in the general reading test. For checking our ability, the examiner asks different types of questions. This can include multiple-choice questions, matching interactions, sentence completion, identifying information, and so on. You have to take good preparation with Interpass.  Mostly, students fail to manage their time. So, you have to cope-up with time management skills to pass this examination.

How much time do you get?

Generally, there will be some good questions that test the reading aptitude. For this, the IELTS pattern asks nearly 40 questions; you will be assigned with overall 60 minutes, which means one hour to answer the 40 questions. So, you have roughly 1.5 minutes to answer it correctly. You might be thinking you have enough time as you’re not going to answer all the questions. But, wait! It is important to score well before entering top universities. So, you cannot take risks. Even practicing for hours, students fail to manage time proficiently.

Some quick tips

The very basic thing you must practice to learn is understanding the gist by skimming through the passage. Many students struggle to understand the summary. Thus, they read every sentence. It is just a waste of time. Look for the main points and headings and answer them immediately. If you struggle to summarize the passage, follow the intro and conclusions. The intro gives a small brief, and the conclusion denotes all-important findings. This is the trick! Then you can look for the keywords. The keywords indicate the inherent plot of the passage. And last but not least, answer all questions.