The best easy ways to cut your AC Expenses at home

The summer season is here! How will you make your stay comfortable in that office or home? It’s when you do the aircon install. Continued usage of the air conditioners will lead to an increase in the electricity bill. From research, 17% of the electricity bill at a home result from the air conditioning accounts. The rate rises to 27% in humid regions. When you reduce the air conditioning bills, you save money. You are also able to tame the dangerous greenhouse emissions. Since global warming is almost at its peak, it’s time you adopt the use of eco-friendly machines. Use the following tricks to reduce the AC bills.

  1. Buy new windows

If you have old windows in your apartment, then they aren’t energy-saving. It’s possible to reduce the home cooling expenses when you buy energy-saving windows. The windows have a coating that aids in energy-saving. It minimizes the entry of infrared and UV light into the home. The coating is vital both in the summer and winter periods. In the winter, the windows keep indoor heat without letting it escape. In the summer season, they reflect away the heat and thus reducing room heating. You will not need air conditioners to maintain the house temperature.

  1. Seal all the window air leaks

If your windows are poorly sealed, they will leak. Leaking windows will allow the heat in the house to get escape. They also allow the cold air from outside to get into the house. It makes your air conditioner overwork to balance room temperature. Locate all the house openings and start to seal and caulk all the cracks and leaks. It’s the only way to save your air conditioner from overworking.

  1. Open windows to cool the house

It’s a cost-free and effortless means to cool your hothouse. Opening one window will allow cool air circulation in the room and the entire house. The house fans if on can help in circulating this cool air in the house. It’s a great trick for people in hot regions. When you open the windows at night, switch off the air conditioner.

  1. Switch off the air conditioners when not in use

Why would you leave air conditioners on while going to work? If you are away from home, switch off the air conditioner. The same applies to rooms you aren’t using but have air conditioners. It sounds simple, but many people overlook it.

  1. Use both portable and ceiling fans

The ceiling fans will ease the air conditioner the burden of circulating air in the room. When you use them, you won’t use the air conditioners in most cases. Portable fans are also suitable for the same functions. You can place them near the window or door of a room or house to keep them well ventilated.

  1. Use the right air conditioner size

Buy the correct air conditioner size that fits your room or house. When you buy a small size, it overworks to maintain the vast room’s temperature and thus use more energy. An oversized air conditioner in a small room is also a waste. It will give excess cooling and healing effect that is unnecessary. You need to know the exact size of your room’s air conditioner.

  1. Never skip any maintenance

You need to attend to all regular maintenance calls for the home cooling and heating system. It will improve the HVAC efficiency. If you skip the maintenance sessions, the HVAC will get filled with dirt. It makes work harder using much energy.


These are a few cheap measures you can use to reduce your home air conditioner costs. Use them for several months, and you will note the difference in your expenses.