You should make Chrome your default browser on iOS. Why?

If you are already a Chrome user on your computer, know that Chrome for iOS has the same intuitive interface and familiar appearance and feel. It’s worth a shot for these four reasons: a few new ones just came out, and more are on the way.

Get your act together and get some work done-

For now, Chrome for iOS has a handy Tab Grid for seeing and organizing your open tabs, and even when offline you can store a page in your Reading List and read it later, even while your device is not connected to the internet.

Adding the option to create QR codes will allow you to easily share a tab with a friend and direct them to that website. One of our most often requested features, a download manager will be included, allowing you to save and locate files you’ve saved from Chrome in a single download folder. You can find thegoogle chrome free download option these days and we would suggest you to use it.

To move links from one program to another while using Chrome in Split View on an iPad, just drag & drop them from Chrome to the other app. One of our future features will be the ability to launch several Chrome windows on an iPad at the same time.

Google Chrome is available on all devices-

Using your Google account, you can sync Chrome across your phone, tablet, and computer so that your passwords, payment credentials, and autofill information are all readily accessible across all of them. If you need to make a purchase while you’re out and about, there’s no need to dig out your credit card or enter your home address.

Chrome also facilitates device swapping. You can transfer a tab to another signed-in device with just a click from Chrome’s search bar on the desktop or from Chrome’s sharing menu on iOS.

Browse the internet with confidence-

Using your fingerprint to verify your identity while filling in passwords in Chrome will be an additional security measure in the near future.

In other applications and browsers, the password manager may now auto-fill previously stored Chrome login credentials. Chrome for iOS now features Google Safe Browsing, which provides you with a warning before you access a potentially hazardous site, in addition to assisting you with your passwords. People these days also use the google chrome download for pc option as they have become so popular in this past few years.

Chrome incorporates Google’s search engine-

Understand that Chrome is based on Google Search. So, you will receive customized search results and real-time answers as you type. You can also translate websites in over 100 languages with a single click using Google Translate, which is built into Chrome.

To make Chrome your default browser, make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 14 and that Chrome is installed on your computer. Then follow these steps. After that, carry out the following actions:

  1. Click on “Chrome” in iPhone Settings when you find it.
  2. Select “Default Browser App” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Chrome” as your web browser.