The most secure wallet for your Tezos Tokens ‘tez’, tezbox Fundraiser wallet

TezBox is a wallet by Tezos that has multi-platform Tezos Vault and streamlines payments and decentralized applications integration. tezbox Fundraiser wallet is a community-developed wallet for the network of Tezos which is decentralized and open-sourced.

Tezos explained in simple words:

It is a blockchain network (blockchain is similar to a digital ledger of transactions that records information in a complicated way which prevents hacking and makes it more secure) related to tez which is a digital token. They rely on a proof of stake (PoS) mechanism and had an ICO of nearly $232 million and they make use of smart contracts.

The upgrade of core protocol and the amendment process are governed by the stakeholders themselves. 

The self-amendment makes it possible for Tezos to upgrade without splitting the network into two different blockchains.

They secure the ledger through Bakers who are an important part of the proof of stake consensus mechanism. They validate and add all the transactions to blockchains. An honest Baker who helps in securing the network is rewarded with additional Tezos tokens and the dishonest ones can lose their security deposit by a built-in mechanism.

More about Tezbox-

TezBox was developed by Stephen Andrews who is a community developer and also a founding board member of Tezos Commons Foundation.

TezBox doesn’t store the private keys of the tokens nor does the private key leave your PC while using this wallet. You can also lock and unlock yourwallet which only extracts your private keys when needed.

It is an easy-to-use wallet to store your tezos and it deals with trading and managing mainly. The TezBox ICO was used for storing the Tezos earlier but now it’s stopped.

This wallet is secured in every possible way making it almost impossible to face any breach. The system in the wallet encrypts your password and private key in a very powerful code.

TezBox is Available for Chrome, iOS devices, and Android devices. You need to ensure to update and install the latest version of the wallet to get the best experience.

This wallet is the most popular to store tez, tokens by Tezos. The successful fundraiser by Tezos Foundation which, is a Swiss foundation supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority helped in making the tez popular and in demand in the crypto market.

 Although the majority of the users have already reaped the benefits of contributing to this fund, some can’t figure out how to get access to their accounts.

When accessing the wallet be sure to follow all the guidelines and procedures accurately and thoroughly to have smooth access to your tez tokens. You can access your wallet from any legible device with the password and the private key.

But beware of any fraud and trade carefully only on the official website.

Tezbox keeps your keys secure with Trezor and Ledger technologies. It gives you access to your crypto without complications as it is a Decentralized wallet. Therefore, the tezbox Fundraiser wallet is the most trusted wallet for Tez crypto.