The Possibility of Dispensaries For DC WEED

Washington D.C. has legalized the use of marijuana for recreation but is still being highly controlled in the state. The passing of Initiative 71 has allowed consumption of marijuana among adults aged 21 and older. However, the initiative limits its production and distribution.

Dispensaries are a place where medicines or medical supplies can be dispensed or distributed. In the same way, marijuana dispensaries are places where marijuana can be distributed. At the moment, Initiative 71 does not allow for marijuana dispensaries to be built.

Advantages Of Having Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensaries allow for regulated distribution of marijuana among its users. Initially for medical purposes, dispensaries are a way to distribute accordingly and monitor consumption by users. The presence of dispensaries will be of great advantage to the state once allowed because of various reasons.

  • Safer access

Ensuring safety for users is important. Since usage of marijuana is still being worked out, the ways for people to source out their supplies are limited. Some people might engage in harmful ways to get a hold of supplies due to constraints in acquiring marijuana. Through dispensaries, users can safely acquire marijuana without worrying too much about the dangers that might be encountered.

  • Ensures quality

While cultivating your own marijuana can be better for you and your budget, it can also compromise the quality that users can get. Dispensaries are able to ensure quality products offered to marijuana users.

  • Wider options

Since users will not be depending on their own produce, they can have access to other options for marijuana. Dispensaries offer a wide range of choices for marijuana that are sourced from different cultivators.

  • Monitored distribution

Monitoring distribution will be beneficial for the implementers of the legalization. Dispensaries can monitor who gets the supplies. This promotes responsible usage of marijuana and also highlights accountability of one’s decision to use.

  • Proper regulation of usage

Dispensaries will be a way to regulate the use of marijuana. Through these, implementers can impose a limit to how much each user can possess. The monitoring of users and regulated distribution can be a good way to practice responsible marijuana usage.

  • Privacy

Some users are still uncomfortable with publicly using marijuana. Aside from it not being allowed, some users tend to be more conservative about their usage. Dispensaries will be able to protect a person’s privacy by keeping the transaction confidential and keeping their choice respected.

Possibility Of Dispensaries In D.C.

Washington’s current policy on marijuana usage does not allow for dispensaries. However, this can, in some ways, support the current policy under Initiative 71. Through dispensaries, the limitations on usage can be imposed and the rules will be properly implemented.

Dispensaries have a lot of possible advantages for DC WEED. If it becomes allowed, users can get access to supplies other than their own cultivated marijuana. This also gives access for the implementers on who are the active users of marijuana and can be properly documented for monitoring. In the future, marijuana dispensaries can be possible in D.C.