Things To Be Prevented In The Case Of Misfuelling

There is a good size difference in the size of the pump nozzle of petrol and diesel tank. Because of the bigger size of the diesel tank nozzle, you would be able to put the petrol in the tank rather than doing vice-a-versa. Still, if you put diesel in the petrol car, then that would not cause much damage at the car would just not start. But in the case when you fill Petrol in a diesel car by mistake and drove it, then the issue could be worse.

Going in deep with the petrol tanks, a spark system is used to ignite the petrol, where a compression system is to be adopted for the diesel one. As described, misfuelling with the petrol tanks would only make the car not start, but the diesel cars could be disastrous. So here are described some of the things that you must keep in mind and prevent doing in misfuelling.

What Are The Things To Remember?

When you are aware of the condition that you have done misfuelling, you should never start the car. Even the ignition process must not be started by putting keys in the slot. Some more things are mentioned to get the best help.

  • Inform the suitable authorities

This is the basic step that needs to be kept under consideration by any individual, as you must tell the petrol station about the scenario. As soon as you get to know about the condition, you must neutral your car. While filling the fuel, you might be in the middle, so you must take the help of someone to push it to a reliable and free space. Make contact with the insurance company as they will provide you with the cost of repair, and then you would be able to flush the vehicle and refuel it.

  • Never drive the vehicle

Once you have done the mistake of misfuelling, never start the car. Driving is another thing you should not even start the engine. In any case, if you ignite the engine, then the wrong fuel that has been filled would start damaging your engine or car. If the issue persists because of driving the car, then the entire vehicle would be damaged, and the cost to be paid for repair would be significant.

  • Switch the filter as soon as possible

Changing the car’s filter is the foremost thing to do, and once you are going through the drive of the car, this is vital. As mentioned above, you should not even start the vehicle, but if you have driven it, you must change the filter as soon as possible. The fuel-filled needs to be drained by the technician, and then the correct fuel would be filled. But you would surely see that they are going to change the filter of the car anyhow.

In a nutshell, it could be said that these are the things that you need to keep in your mind. Although this issue should never be happening if done, you should use the preventive measures mentioned above.