Tips For Caring For Your Watch Band

The topic today is fast play. We were asked how not to let the watch look like an older man. Well, over the years and new editions of a model, the watch can indeed receive assignments that it is outdated. But we are well aware that a good watch when well maintained, does not perish, does not age, and never “goes out of fashion.” Each person has their tastes, styles, and needs for wearing watches. And between right and wrong are some details of our daily lives that can unnecessarily deteriorate the watch in the long run.

The item that delivers the most age and leaves many customers on hand is the bracelet. Many watches like Rolex datejust (โร เล็ก ซ์ เดท จั ส ท์ which is the term in Thai) have specific bracelets. Some manufacturers offer the option of purchasing the same bracelet to be exchanged in the future or an extra option in another material. However, the watch may cease to be manufactured after some time, and the customer may not have access to the original replacement bracelet. And that’s why we’ve prepared four tips for you to pay attention to in your day-to-day and take better care of your watch strap.

1 – Dry Cloth

It is indicated for those who use the same model daily. Take it off your wrist, wipe it on for a moment. A simple action, lasting a few minutes, in which you free the bracelet from accumulating impurities.

2 – Avoid Chemicals

This second tip is to make sure you take and put the watch on at specific times. For example: put the watch on after using the perfume; when washing the dishes, washing the car, or helping with the cleaning, take off your watch. It may be waterproof, but detergent and chemicals/cleaners can dry out the bracelet.

3 – Take It For Maintenance

Please don’t wait for the watch to stop working and then take it to the watch store. There are some signs, mainly related to bracelets, that need extra attention and you should be aware of. Know that leather bracelets can dry out, and some products soften and soften the signs of time. Silicone and rubber wristbands are opaque, and when they start to have shiny spots, it’s because it’s time to take that extra care. Stainless steel bracelets can be polished and, when they have so-called buds, they need to be dismantled and cleaned. All these processes are more successful when they are carried out preventively and by a professional.